12 Most sultry Indonesian Style Models To Be aware In 2023

Indonesian models hold an exceptional spot in the style world with their unmistakable appeal. Their interesting excellence, faultless skin, and capacity to easily adjust to various styles have made them top choices among fashioners and photographic artists. From customary clothing to high design and cutting-edge, Indonesian models can pull off any look effortlessly.

That is not all! The vast majority of these models have serious areas of strength for online entertainment, which has given them huge worldwide openness and constructed a devoted fan base.

In this article, we’ll acquaint you with 20 Indonesian models prestigious for their magnificence and spellbinding characters. These ladies have addressed various homegrown and global brands as well as carried variety to the design business.

Top 12 Renowned Indonesian Female Models Names In 2023:

Meet these ravishing Indonesian models who overflow certainty and demeanor to order the runway and blow some people’s minds any place they go:

1. Paula Verhoeven:

Paula Verhoeven is a famous Indonesian model and entertainer who launched her displaying profession by winning the 2001 GADIS Sampul contest. Brought into the world in Focal Java, she conveys a mix of Dutch, Javanese, and Chinese legacy. Paula had an extensive rundown of accomplishments in the demonstrating field, including winning the 2003 World-class Model Look challenge, packing the title of West Jakarta 2 None Representative Boss in 2006, and guaranteeing the first spot in the 2012 Essence of Asia contest. She has additionally acquired enormous ubiquity in the wake of showing up in numerous Programs, including Style and Excellence, Bapau, VIP House, and Savvy Mother.

2. Elvira Devinamira:

Elvira Devinamira is an Indonesian model, an effective entertainer, and a wonder expo champion who hails from Surabaya, East Java. She began her demonstrating venture at 16 years old and worked with many brands in the country. She additionally addressed Indonesia at esteemed worldwide occasions, for example, the 24th Harvard Model Joined Countries Meeting in 2011 and the Harvard Public Model Joined Countries Gathering in the US in 2012.

Notwithstanding these prominent accomplishments, Elvira likewise demonstrated her strength as a carefully prepared stunner expo sovereign. She got the first next-in-line title at Cak Ning Surabaya, and in 2014, she was delegated to Puteri Indonesia. She likewise arose as the main 15 semi-finalists in the Miss Universe rivalry that very year.

3. Ayu Maulida Putri:

Ayu Maulida Putri is an Indonesian model and belle of the ball known for wearing the notable “Komodo” outfit at Miss Universe. She comes from a respectable Surabaya family and began her demonstrating venture began at 14.

A defining moment in Ayu’s life came when she won the “Best Catwalk Female Honor” at “Face of Indonesia 2019” during Indonesia Style Week. She later secured the titles “Face of Asia” and “Puteri Indonesia 2020,” coming to the main 21 at Miss Universe. Even though Ayu didn’t bring home the Miss Universe championship, she caught the hearts of many. She turned into a famous model and worked with many top Indonesian creators,

4. Mariana Renata:

Mariana Renata is an Indonesian model who gloats about an extraordinary legacy, with a Canadian dad and a mother of Javanese-Chinese drop. Brought into the world in France, Mariana’s displaying venture in Indonesia began with ads for the magnificence brand Lux. Her lovely highlights and striking excellence immediately grabbed the eye of different brands, prompting many demonstrating tasks.

Quickly, Mariana’s vocation advanced from demonstrating to acting. Her jobs in films like “Janji Joni,” “The Go-Between,” and the “Scratch And Blemish” series procured her boundless fame and acknowledgment in media outlets.

5. Kimmy Jayanti:

Kimmy Jayanti is an Indonesian model and entertainer known for her unmistakable platinum hair and outlandish highlights. Brought into the world in Medan, North Sumatra, Kimmy’s demonstrating yearnings started very youthful. At 16, she moved to Jakarta to launch her demonstrating vocation and joined the prestigious displaying organization, Look.Inc. Kimmy radiates a surprising mix of certainty and demeanor, a triumphant blend that any brand would search for in its dream. She has graced the runways of prestigious worldwide style houses and immediately climbed to the smooth layer of the business. Outstandingly, Kimmy additionally began the Kimmy Jayanti demonstrating school to help impending models. Other than displaying, she is likewise a fruitful entertainer and acquired recognition for her part in ‘I Understand What You Did on Facebook’.

6. Patricia Gunawan:

Patricia Gunawen remains quite possibly one of Indonesia’s most achieved models and a carefully prepared event sovereign. Brought into the world in Jakarta, Patricia studied Style and had her eyes set on becoming showbiz royalty in the design business. Her profession took a jump when she participated in the 2012 Miss Indonesia expo and won the ‘Miss Solid and Magnificence with a Reason’ title. Notwithstanding completing in the eleventh spot, Patricia earned critical consideration and arose as one of the expo’s champion hopefuls. Around the same time, she addressed Indonesia at the Miss ASEAN 2012 show in Thailand, arising as the principal next in line. Her ubiquity arrived in many brand supports with enormous names like L’Oréal Proficient and Go-Jek.

7. Kelly Tandiono:

Kelly Tandiono is an Indonesian model and entertainer of Chinese legacy and was brought into the world in Singapore. Her displaying venture started in 2008, and in a limited capacity to focus, accomplished global acknowledgment by strolling in famous style occasions like Vivienne Cap’s design show and the London Style Week. With her striking elements and dazzling build, Kelly turned into an ideal decision for brands looking for a flexible dream.

Past her displaying profession, Kelly is likewise a cultivated entertainer and featured in various movies and TV programs.


8. Ayu Gani:

Ayu Gani is an Indonesian model brought into the world to Chinese ethnic guardians in Surakarta, Focal Java. After studying English Writing, Ayu pursued the magnificence event “Wajah Femina” in which she won the “Most Number One” title. It ended up being a unique advantage for her as she was roped in for the vast majority of design shows in the nation and was named the symbol of Jakarta Style Week 2012. From that point forward, the diagram has simply highlighted the sky for her she has been included in numerous first-class magazines and meetings. She was likewise the champ of Asia’s Next Top Model – Season 3, post which she landed herself in numerous worthwhile missions in Asia and Europe.

Ayu Gani is a refined Indonesian model, brought into the world to Chinese ethnic guardians in Surakarta, Focal Java. In the wake of studying English Writing, Ayu wandered into the displaying scene, by taking part in the “Wajah Femina” magnificence exhibition and winning the “Most #1.” This success ended up being a unique advantage, as she had an opportunity to stroll for the majority of design shows in the country. That is not all! She turned into the symbol of Jakarta Style Week in 2012.

Starting there on, Ayu’s vocation soared with pretty much every top magazine arranging for her meetings and cover page photoshoots. She chose to take one more jump by bringing home the championship of Asia’s Next Top Model (season 3). This success led her to numerous rewarding efforts in Asia and European districts, making her a Worldwide style symbol.

9. Fitria Yusuf:

Fitria Yusuf is an Indonesian-style model, a powerhouse, and a humanitarian. Brought into the world in Jakarta, Fitria moved to Australia as a youngster and completed her tutoring. She moved back to Jakarta to complete her advanced education. Fitria was consistently enthused about making a lifelong in the design world. She took many displaying tasks and, surprisingly, functioned as a supervisor for the overwhelming majority of style magazines. Her sharp fashion awareness and faultless certainty made her a genuine style symbol in her country. Her business astuteness and pioneering soul just add weight to her profile making her quite possibly one of the best ladies in the country.

Fitria Yusuf is an Indonesian design model, powerhouse, and humanitarian who hails from Jakarta. She completed her tutoring in Australia before getting back to Jakarta for additional examinations. Fitria generally had a persevering enthusiasm for the design business and took up many displaying tasks and article jobs in style magazines. With her natural fashion instinct and steady certainty, she immediately got the situation with a style symbol in Indonesia. That is not all! Fitria’s amazing business sharpness and enterprising soul made her perhaps the best lady in the country.

10. Kezia Warouw:

Kezia Warouw is an Indonesian belle of the ball, model, moderator, and diplomat of the Republic of Indonesia. Brought into the world in North Sulawesi, Kezia has a Minahasan clan plummet. She has an incredibly tall constitution which made her very awkward as a high schooler. Be that as it may, her mother urged her to seek after displaying, a vocation befitting of her transcending character. An exceptional mix of extraordinary looks and a consistently grinning face in a flash pushed her to distinction and made her the most loved dream of many brands. Kezia is likewise a carefully prepared exhibition sovereign. She has likewise addressed Indonesia at the Miss Universe 2016 and completed as a Best 13 Finalist.

11. Luna Maya:

Luna Maya is an Indonesian model of Austrian drop and was brought into the world in Denpasar, Bali. Her excursion in the realm of design started as a catwalk model as she strolled the runways of many top-style houses in the country. Luna oozes a wonderful mix of effortlessness and class that can make heads turn. It’s no misrepresentation to say that Luna remains as one of the most achieved models of the 2000s.

Past her effective demonstrating profession, Luna is likewise a cultivated entertainer and featured in many movies and dramas.

12. Pevita Pearce:

Pevita Pearce is an English-Indonesian model and entertainer who was conceived and raised in Jakarta. She comes from a blended drop of Welsch and Banjar, which might make sense of the purpose for her monstrously alluring looks. Pevita has done displaying tasks for some brands and changed into a cultivated entertainer.





















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