Combating Travel Anxiety


I suppose if you have stumbled across this little blog of mine you must have some form of holiday anxiety. Whether that’s fear of flying, worried about missing your flight or just general nerves about going somewhere new, we’re all in the same boat (or airplane ;)) here! 

In my very short 18 years of life, I’ve been on many a holiday, including a 13-hour flight to Hong Kong and a 40 minute flight to Amsterdam. And in that time I’ve also developed what I like to call “holiday anxiety” (and just general anxiety thrown in the mix!)
Not sure what “holiday anxiety” actually? Well, ‘Holiday Anxiety’ is what I define as the fear of doing anything remotely related to holidays. For example, my holiday anxiety revolves around the actual plane itself and the fact that this metal cage could drop from the sky at any moment.

Fortunately, over the years I’ve learnt to deal with my travel anxiety and feel it’s time I share this with anyone else like me! 

Plane Fear

There’s nothing quite like sitting crammed into a Easy-Jet seat surrounded by people only to feel like you’re about to throw up or pass out! But that’s exactly how I felt on a plane to Amsterdam last weekend. Luckily for me, I managed to breath through my oncoming panic attack and landed safely in The Netherlands before having the best weekend of my life. Didn’t stop me from wanting to jump out of those ridiculously small windows though! My best tip for fighting plane fear is distractions! It could be your phone (on airplane mode, of course!), a book or even just a friend to talk to, but whatever you do make sure you have at least one distraction with you for the flight. Without a distraction you leave the mind to wander and start thinking about all the plane crashes you have read about recently and what are the chances of you surviving! 

Airport Fear

Ever thought about the inner workings of an airport and got a brain ache? Yes, me too! You have got check-in, security, departures, arrivals, customs and so, so much more and it’s hard to keep up with everything! That’s why being in the airport can be a daunting and difficult process for some. 
My top tip for airport fear is preparation. As my Grandad would always say, ‘Prior planning prevents piss-poor performance!’ and it’s true! 
Before you get to the airport make sure you have everything you need in a suitable place that’s easy to access when needs be. This includes your passport, travel insurance and boarding passes (and copies of all of these!) to guarantee you aren’t flustered when they asked to see your boarding passes in a hurry! 

New Destination Fear

There’s nothing more scary than a completely new country where the language is unfamiliar and culture totally new to you! To prevent this why not do a bit of reading up before you go? Simply learn a bit about the country’s history, culture and landmarks so you have an idea of what to see and what to expect. Then you shouldn’t get any little surprises along the way, such as when all the shops are shut at lunchtime in Spain.

How do you combat travel fears? Do you have any other’s I haven’t mentioned? 

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