A Weekend in Liverpool

Okay, I have to admit something. I’ve never been up North – shock horror, I know! In fact, the furthest I have ever been in England is North London… You could say I had pretty sheltered first twenty years of my life! However, when I saw an ad for Curve Fashion Festival in July, I knew I had to go. Even if it was in Liverpool!
Like most of the things in my life, I don’t do anything by halves so there we are (my sister and I) packing up my shitty little Clio and driving 5 hours to the end of the Earth.
After a bit of traffic, awful sing-alongs to musical numbers and lots of snacks, we arrived at our hotel at 12:20am only to be told they were fully booked. Luckily, their sister hotel ten minutes away had some rooms so we were moved there. At this point I was beyond tired to even be angry at the receptionist but we were given complimentary breakfasts for our stay without even having to ask for compensation.
With about seven hours of sleep and our free breakfast taken full advantage of, my sister and I made our way to the Saint George’s Hall. Let me just say it was quite difficult to find – even though the building itself was fucking massive. We ended up going into one entrance and being told that it was the opposite side. However, we knew exactly where to go when we saw the bright pink balloon arch and red carpet from across the road.
As a first-time attendee of Curve Fashion Festival, I didn’t know exactly what to expect so with a fresh pair of eyes. here’s my thoughts:
The idea of a festival for plus size women is great. I love the idea of giving curvy women a space to meet up and share experiences as well as shopping with the brands you love. I saw lots of bloggers and brands that I loved there so it was great to be in a place of comfort and where I could be myself.
However, the whole event felt very chaotic. My sister and I had bought VIP tickets and luckily, there was a separate queue for these tickets. We went up to receive our VIP gift bags and wristbands but after being handed them, we were simply left to find our way around the venue. There were a few signs dotted around and a few staff but it was quite hard to know exactly where to go without following the people in front of us.
We also struggled to find the hall for the catwalk shows and talks when walking from the fashion hall.
When we did get into the fashion hall, it was packed. It was a struggle to move around the stalls without feeling like you were knocking everything off the hangers as you walked by. I feel like a bigger venue or separate rooms for the different stalls would have been beneficial.
(After I had written this, the organisers behind Curve Fashion Fest have announced they will be searching for a new venue and setting up different floor plan so it’s great to see they’re taking on people’s comments.)
Overall, it was a great experience and I enjoyed meeting everyone. Plus, looking at all of the beautiful clothes was great! I’m definitely looking forward to next year’s event – especially if they make the improvements they have promised.
After the festival, my sister and I visited the neighbouring Christmas market where I got to try a Yorkshire Pudding wrap. And yes it was just as delicious as it sounds!
We also had a mini photoshoot for my Instagram and blog, which you will be seeing soon.
With day one in Liverpool over, my sister and I were getting ready to head home. However, not before visiting the British Music Experience and Beatles statue because what would a trip to Liverpool be without embracing all the touristy bits.
Overall, I really enjoyed exploring the city and it makes me more excited to do more city breaks next year. Plus, it always a laugh when my sister and I go on a trip together. I cannot wait for our trip to Disney which is only two weeks away.
I will be posting more pictures from the event on my Instagram so follow me to see more.

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