January: The Month I Sorted My Shit Out!

What I have noticed is that I’m really struggling to commit to writing one blog a week (I know, I’m such a great blogger). Call it laziness or just lack of motivation, every time I go to write something down, I end up putting away my laptop and going on Instagram. So instead I’ve decided to write a monthly blog rounding up exactly how the month has been for me – you’re in for a treat! Not only is this a much better format for me but it saves me just waffling on about nothing every week.
While January may be a tough month for some, I’ve actually had a chance to work on my goals for 2019 and succeeded in achieving some of them.
Firstly, I made myself a promise to spend more time with my friends this year. It may sound silly but, after getting into a relationship I really struggled with making time to see my family, friends and boyfriend all in the same weekend. After all, there’s only one of me and about a dozen people to spend time with! (Can anyone else relate?) However, with my boyfriend away for pretty much the whole month, it provided me with the perfect opportunity to make time with my friends. Every weekend we have been out doing stuff like prosecco nights and meals out. It’s helped me to realise the importance of having girly time and I intend on making an effort to do more with my friends this year.
Another thing I tackled this month is my mental health. For over a year now, I’ve been struggling with a mental health issue and I finally went to the doctor to sort it out. I must stress that I really hate going to the GP. For someone with major phone anxiety, calling up the surgery to get an appointment is a nightmare. It takes me about three tries to actually type in the number and give them a call! However, I must have had a shot of courage that morning because I put my big girl pants on and spoke to the moody receptionist like I was a normal functioning human. Why are they so rude though? Like you choose to work there… I’m so confused! Anyway, I was lucky enough to get an appointment that evening. There I was, unloading all of my problems onto the lovely GP but she reassured me that what I was going through was completely normal and treatable. She then referred me to a therapist and suggested I take some herbal, anxiety-relieving medicine. I’m hoping to start these soon and am on the waiting list to speak to a therapist soon.
Finally, I have started to actually save my money instead of spending it on ASOS – although I did do one last shop before I start reducing my clothing spend. At the moment I am putting away £200 each month to go towards my upcoming holidays. My family and I have just booked a very exciting trip to New York in May for my 21st birthday and my sister’s 18th. I am also going to Rome in June with my boyfriend so spending money is definitely needed for these trips! After these trips, I would like to start saving more because one day I would like to buy a house – even if it takes me ten years as I worked when I used some deposit calculator. It would also be nice to buy a new car at some point because my 1998 (yes, the car is as old as me) Renault Clio is starting to fail on me. Currently, I have to climb into the car via my passenger seat because the lock on my side is broken – it’s not fun!
All in all, I’m really looking forward to February. There’s lots of exciting things coming up including Valentine’s Day and I have been invited to a few events, which you can see more of on my Instagram. Plus, I’m excited to starting working on a few of my other goals.
How was your January? Let me know below.

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