Cocktails, Canapés and Three Courses at the Nags Head Brentwood!

Following my experience at George and The Dragon Epping, the lovely team at Mitchell and Butler invited me to the Nags Head in Brentwood so I could try their new dinner menu and sample some cocktails (and honestly, who could say no to that?)
First of all, I was really impressed by the overall look and atmosphere. I’m a proper stickler for a good aesthetic so I was completely loving the chic feel of the bar and restaurant. Just imagine velveteen chairs and copper light fixtures – I couldn’t stop taking pictures! The pub also had a nice and relaxed ambiance. It’s somewhere I would definitely go with my friends for a couple of drinks after work, especially when they do 2 for £10 cocktails from Monday to Friday.
Speaking of cocktails, I started the night with a White Peach Bellini, which was delicious. You can never go wrong with a Bellini! My mum opted for a glass of wine while my Dad and sister choose from their range of non-alcoholic cocktails; the Elderflower Sherbet and Victoria’s Secret. As a pub, it’s no surprise their drinks selection is great – there’s something there for everyone whether you’re drinking or not!
Not long after we had sat down with our drinks, we were brought over some delicious canapés. It was a good thing they arrived so quick too, I had made my family hold off drinking so I could get the perfect shot of the cocktails and canapés. Oh the life of an Instagram obsessed blogger!
The manager of the Nags Head, Darrell, laid down the canapés and explained to us what each of the samples were. Essentially they were miniature bites of the starters on the menu; pork belly with apple sauce and crackling, lobster and king prawn, pan-fried mushrooms on a rice cracker and duck liver and port parfait.
My favourite had to be the pan-fried mushrooms (which was, to my surprise, from their Vegan menu). I knew once I had tried it that I had to have more so when it came to choosing a starter that’s what I had. Weirdly I’m not typically a fan of my mushroom because I find their texture and taste particularly disgusting but this dish was different. The soy, lime and ginger sauce paired with the crisp rice cracker was delicious – I would definitely have again.
For the mains, I went for possibly my favourite dish in the entire world – a burger! For me, if a restaurant can’t get a simple burger right then it’s hopeless so the pressure was on. However, they didn’t disappoint. I decided to go for their Wagyu Burger with smoked Irish cheddar, crispy onions, tomato relish, sweet potato fries and aioli – with an added topping of bacon because you might as well go the whole hog.
As something of a burger connoisseur, I couldn’t find a single fault with the burger itself – only my appetite. The stack was so big I could barely finish it! In fact, eating the burger was practically a workout in itself. As I was trying to finish the tender Japanese meat, I was sweating.
I would definitely have the burger again, but maybe without a starter first so I could actually finish it this time!
Finally, it was dessert time! And by this point, I couldn’t imagine eating anymore but I pushed through and ordered the chocolate brownie. As someone who loves desserts, I couldn’t exactly skip out. Luckily, It was exactly how rich and inviting a chocolate brownie should be – plus, the added extra of bourbon ice cream really made a difference, so it was worth the perseverance.
In summary, I had a really great time at The Nags Head. The staff could not be friendlier, the service was incredibly quick and the food is to die for! It reopened last week so I would totally recommend going and trying out their menus if you’re in the area!
If you’re looking for more information about the Nags Head, take a look at their website, Facebook or Instagram.

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