February: The month I made time for love.

Sorry, but where did February go? This month has gone so quick! In fact, I’m struggling to think about all the things I did because it literally feels like January was two days ago. As I write this blog, I’m looking back at my February calendar to see all the things I have done this month.
I kicked off the month with a complimentary meal at The Nags Head in Brentwood, which was a really lovely experience. The staff were so lovely there and invited me to their opening drinks the next Friday so I basically spent half the weekends in February drinking free glasses of prosecco and canapés – I’ve had worse ways to spend Saturday nights!
You might also remember in January I mentioned that I had made more time for my friends and I definitely continued that this month. On 2nd February, my friends and I arranged to go to Be at One in Chelmsford for some cocktails and the only way I could sum up the evening is: disaster! Perhaps it was the six cocktails I had in me, or I’ve grown some strength in the last month, but I somehow managed to rip the zipper in my jeans while in the toilets. I was also wearing a bodysuit which tucked into my jeans, meaning you could clearly see my fly was undone. My only saving grace was that I had an over-the-shoulder bag to cover my front. However, this was not only thing that happened. Another six beers in, my friends and I had stumbled to Bar and Beyond. I didn’t last long though. I ended up running to the bathroom where I proceeded to be sick and then rip my jeans even more – leaving me practically exposed to the world. It’s safe to say it wasn’t my finest hour and I haven’t been on a proper night out since.
Moving on, February also sees the yearly cringe-fest of Valentine’s Day. I’m not someone who particularly enjoys talking about love and intimacy – as you would have seen from my blog about dating as a plus size person here. I used to be the last person to have anything planned for the 14th February, but I’ve had boyfriend for the last two Valentine’s Day so it would be rude not to celebrate. This year, I decided to take the Friday off and visit my boyfriend, Connor who goes to university in Hertfordshire. I had stupidly suggested going to Brooklands Museum in Weybridge, a motorsport and plane museum – as a little background, he likes planes… maybe a little too much! Although as much as I laugh and joke about finding it boring, it was actually really interesting. The museum had one of the twenty Concorde planes built, which they allow you to go into and experience what it was like to fly on the supersonic plane. They also have a variety of other aircraft including Vickers Viscount and Hawker Harrier so if you are plane buff, I would totally recommend. The highlight of our weekend, however, was visiting Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf in Barnet – near Hertfordshire. It was much more up my street than the plane museum – sorry Connor! Unfortunately I lost but I still had fun on the dinosaur themed course.
I’m really forward to March – not only because we’re close to my trip to New York and my birthday, but I have a few collaborations coming on my Instagram with big brands. I might also be close to my fifth goal of 2019: reaching 10,000 followers on Instagram, which is fucking insane!
How was your February? Let me know below.

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