5 Affordable Plus Size Brands I’m Loving At The Moment!

I’ll be honest I really struggle to find plus size clothing that doesn’t look like it should be in my mum’s wardrobe – and I know I can’t be the only one who is sick of seeing baggy tunic tops in god-awful patterns! As a young, curvy girl who enjoys going out to bars and clubs, the struggle is real when it comes to finding good “going out” outfits – or just stylish looks in general. That’s why for this week’s blog I have rounded up my favourite plus size clothing brands to buy from at the moment below:

ASOS Curve

My wardrobe pretty much consists of ASOS clothing because it was one of the first brands that I bought from as a plus size teenager. After all, it can be hard keeping up with the fashion trends your friends are wearing when nothing in Primark or New Look fits you properly. With the embarrassment of shopping with my friends and having nowhere to buy clothing, I turned to ASOS who had (and still have) a great plus size and curve range. For me, it is the perfect mixture of stylish yet affordable clothing, which is great for my bank account and my wardrobe. However, there are some luxury plus brands such as Chi Chi London if you’re happy to fork out £70 for a dress.

KOKO Curve (Available on Lovedrobe)

I was looking for new stores to buy clothing from as I wanted to expand from my mothership of ASOS. While attending Curve Fashion Festival, I was made aware of Lovedrobe, who also sell on-trend plus size clothing at a reasonable price, and wanted to try their clothing for myself. In my opinion, the best thing about the brand is their use of plus size influencers on their site so you can see how the item of clothing looks on real people rather than just models.

Pink Clove UK

I tried out Pink Clove when I was gifted one of their jumpsuits for a blog and have since gone onto buy a few other pieces from the brand. If you’re a student who is plus size, I would definitely recommend taking a look as their clothing is pretty affordable and yet stylish. However, I did find the sizing to be a little small so I would recommend sizing up if you buy anything. * I was gifted the above jumpsuit from Pink Clove but this blog is not sponsored by the brand.

Pretty Little Thing

I just recently purchased this dress from Pretty Little Thing’s Ashley Graham collection. I was in need of a party dress for one of my friend’s 21st birthday in May (hence why I have no picture of me wearing it) and I felt like this was perfect! I never really knew PLT had a plus size range as I thought it was for straight-size girls but I’m so happy they do because their clothing is great for affordable going-out outfits.


If I’m need of a quick outfit for a night out, I always look to BooHoo as their clothing is often on the cheaper side. Plus, it makes for the perfect for a clubbing outfit as I’m not too worried about spilling drinks down it! Again, it’s an online store I had never considered before because I didn’t know they had a plus size section. However, from previous purchases. I see that BooHoo’s selection of plus size/curve clothing is pretty great – they just need to sort out their model!

Do you know of any plus size brands I could try next? Let me know below!


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