A Fat Girl’s Guide to: Travelling in Summer

Travelling in Summer. A phrase that fat girls like me tend to dread. After all, it’s unbearably hot, tourist spots tend to be even more crowded and the summer months often involve wearing little to no clothing. If you’re not someone who is well adapted to the summer heat like me, then this time of year can be extremely tough to handle.

However, there are a few things I have learnt in my twenty one years of life to make summer a little more bearable for us.

Invest In Chafing Shorts.
If you’re like me and have large thighs, you will know the pain of your legs rub together and causing friction burns – known as chafing. Chafing is often made worse in the summer due to the immense heat and sweating. I have experienced leg chafe time and time again and it can really dampen your holiday if you don’t have any prevention.

Say you’re planning to walk lots on your next trip, make sure you purchase some shorts to go under your summer dresses or skirts. When I was looking for chafing shorts, I noticed there were a number of companies who sold shorts specifically for chafing protection such as The Big Bloomers Company. Myself, I bought some biker shorts from ASOS for about £5 each and they work perfectly. I recently went on a trip to New York where I wore them most days because we were in 27 degree heat and my legs didn’t rub at all. The shorts did slightly ride up throughout the day but that didn’t particularly bother me as I only had to fix them once or twice.

Another alternative to chafing shorts is roll-on deodorant. If you are without chafing shorts, I would recommend applying roll-on deodorant to your inner thighs before you go out. The deodorant will stop sweating between your thighs and prevent any painful chafing throughout the day. Remember to keep the deodorant on you throughout the day in case you need it.

Bring Comfy Trainers.
If your holiday involves lots of walking, make sure to bring comfortable trainers that you have previously worn-in. I learnt my lesson in New York by not bringing a single pair of actually comfy trainers, choosing style over comfort. As a result, my feet were dying after walking around New York for six to eight hours. I would recommend taking a few pairs of padded trainers that you will support your feet so you can walk around pain-free for ages.

Pack Lightweight Clothing.
If you’re not someone who is extremely comfortable with showing off their body, you may be inclined to stick to your usual wardrobe while on holiday. For me, I hate showing off my arms and so I try to avoid wearing strappy tops. However, sometimes the summer months demand that I expose my arms for my own comfort and safety. For example, when I was in New York, we were walking The High Line which is a beautiful park created from an old railway track. It was probably about 30 degrees and I was wearing a denim jacket with a white strappy top. It was getting to the point where I was close to overheating so I ended up having to take my jacket off and strut about New York with my arms out.

I think one of my biggest fears of having my arms out is people looking and commenting on their size. But did anyone stop and stare? Did people look at my massive arms and faint? No… That’s the straight answer! No one even looked or stared at me. And I’m sure lots of people saw me walk past and thought terrible things but no one voiced it. That’s when I realised the fear of me getting my arms out in the sun was actually putting me in uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situations.
What I would recommend is taking lightweight and comfortable clothing that you will be able to walk around in. After all, I would much rather someone see my arms than overheat from wearing long-sleeved shirts and jumpers.

Find the Perfect Bikini or Swimsuit.
A common holiday trip is spending a day at the beach. Often, the word ‘Beach’ is enough to strike fear into my heart. As mentioned before, I don’t particularly like my arms – plus, I really hate the way my legs look, so wearing a bikini or swimsuit around people can make me uncomfortable. That’s why I recommend finding the perfect swimsuit for your body! Gone are the days where plus size swimwear looked like what your nan would wear, there are a number of companies producing stylish swimsuits that will make you feel confident and beautiful on the beach.

Have you got anymore tips for travelling in summer as a plus size girl? Let us know below here.


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