AD – Giggling Squid Billericay: New Menu Review

On Tuesday this week, I was invited to my local Giggling Squid to try their brand new menu – launched in May 2019. When I got the email asking if I would like to come down and try their new menu, I hastily replied say that I would love to. I’ve been a big fan of Giggling Squid for a while as the restaurant in Billericay is just a few minutes from my house. It’s a place my family and I often visit for birthday meals and my friends and I have visited many times for catch-ups over lunch. People living in Billericay will know that the town is basically a hotbed for Italian restaurants, which is okay but there are many other cuisines I prefer such as Thai.
Going into the menu preview I had high hopes and I was not disappointed. We began with an array of starters from the new menu. These included:

  • Crunchy Duck & Lychee Bites
  • Hawker-style Moo Ping
  • Chicken Satay
  • Lemon & Lime Tune ‘Petals’ Spring Rolls
  • Salt & Pepper Squid
  • Delicious Thai Chicken Wings
  • Betel Leaf & Ginger Lime Salmon Morsels
  • Samui Zingy Prawns
  • Big Flavour Mushroom Larb
  • Som Tam Papaya Salad

Some of the appetisers that stood out most to me were the Crunchy Duck & Lychee Bites and of course, the Salt & Pepper Squid. With the Duck & Lychee Bites, I loved the contrast between the star fruit and lychee sauce and the succulent duck pieces on the toasted rice discs. I’m huge fan of sweet versus savoury at the moment! Plus, I feel like they are an ideal starter because they’re small enough bites to not fill you up before your main but they’re still enough to line the stomach. As for the squid, I feel like everyone needs to try Giggling Squid’s Salt & Pepper Squid starter at least once. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of fish, the squid is light and crispy on the outside yet soft and flavoursome in the middle. It’s nowhere near the chewy texture that you normally get with squid dishes.

After making our way through the starters, it was time to choose our mains. I am huge fan of the Lamb Shank Massaman Curry, which is what I usually get when I visit Giggling Squid. However, I decided to push the boat out on the night and go for the Chubby Cheek Pork and then a side of Chicken Pad Thai. On their menu, they say the pork is soaked in ginger root, black pepper and palm sugar then slow-cooked to keep it sweet and tender. And boy was it tender! I’m used to pork being quite tough and hard to cut up but these pieces of pork cheek were so easy to break through – almost like cutting through butter. The pork had an addition of vegetable relish which when paired with the pork was crisp and delicious. The Chicken Pad Thai was equally as good but at this point I was so full that I struggled to make it through the whole dish. I’d recommend getting a Pad Thai to share between two if you’re having starters and mains as you may struggle to eat it all. That’s what my boyfriend and I usually do when we go!

I had such a good evening at Giggling Squid on Tuesday night. Thank you to all the team for inviting me!

Overall, if you’re looking for nice restaurants in Billericay, I would totally recommend Giggling Squid for delicious, affordable dishes and a family-friendly atmosphere. The staff are incredibly lovely and accommodating so be sure to ask them for any recommendations or allergy/dietary alternatives.

To find out more information about Giggling Squid, visit their website here:


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