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At the end of June, I announced that I had created Body Positivity Month – a month dedicated to encouraging self-love and body positivity.

We all struggle with self-love and body positivity from time to time! And for me, summer can be a particularly difficult time as it’s a period that demands more skin being shown and sometimes body parts that I don’t like have to come out. I wanted to create a month for people like me to who deserve to feel good about their bodies and love the way they are. I also wanted people to have a community they can turn to when they’re feeling shit or need someone to talk to.

So that’s when #BOPOMonth was born!

I’ve seen such an amazing response from everyone on Instagram. People have embraced this challenge and been open and honest about how they feel about their body. In fact, I had over 1,200 posts in the official hashtag for the month (which is insane to me!) I’m so happy people loved taking part in the challenge and if you’re interested in taking part then you definitely still can.

As you will see below, there is no dates associated to the challenges as I wanted people to take part in the month whenever they wanted to. If you want to take part in the month, feel free to save the graphic below:

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