March: Possibly the worst month of 2019 so far!


The reason why I started these monthly roundups was 1) because I was unmotivated and didn’t know what to write and 2) because I wanted to record the memories I have made this year. However, March has been one of those months I would rather forget.

It started off with me being ill. I’m pretty sure I caught a bug from one of my friends or family and it lasted for about a week so I was pretty much in bed from the end of February to the first weekend of March. A great start to the month! Although you may be thinking what could possibly be bad about this? After all, this isn’t anything to rant and moan about – there are worst problems going on in the world.

Well, with shitty March in full swing and stomach bug/illness starting to fade, I ended up getting into a car accident as I was heading to work on 11th March. It just so happened to be a Monday as well and honestly I’ve had better Mondays so far this year! I had literally just left the house and was driving down the main road when this guy pulled out of a side road and smashed into the side of my twenty-year old Renault Clio – that I loved so dearly. Thankfully, I wasn’t hurt and neither was the other person. However, our cars didn’t come off quite as lightly. Where the man had hit the side of my car, the passenger door was completely dented and the body casing around the top of my tyres has completed smashed. Given that the car was the same age as me, there wasn’t much point in getting it fixed and so she was scrapped for parts a few days after the crash.

I’m now in the process of looking for a new car, which is a pain in the ass. I am quite lucky that my nan is looking to sell her new-ish Toyota Yaris so I could be buying that as just a run around until I have saved enough to buy the car I really want. Despite the accident, the rest of March has been really great. I spent a weekend in London with my work lot and we stayed in this swanky apartment in Mayfair – which was super fun. I obviously took advantage of the London surroundings to get some photos for my Instagram. These will be appearing on my feed sometime soon but here you can have a sneak peek:

We also have Mother’s Day coming up and I have plans to take my mum somewhere very special. Obviously I can’t say as she might see this but I will be writing a blog about it next week and posting it all over my social media so keep an eye out. Here’s a few hints for the curious: LBD, diamonds and a cigarette holder. I’m looking forward to April as we slowly get closer to my 21st birthday and New York Trip. I just hope it’s not as bad as March! I think I’ll have a breakdown if anything goes wrong next month.

I would love to know how your March has been so let me know below.

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