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As a lover of fashion and an advocate of plus size women being entitled to nice clothing, I am always looking for new places to shop for stylish plus size clothing and share it with my followers.

And today I’m sharing with you my experience with Navabi – a designer plus size clothing brand for women.

A few weeks back the team at Navabi reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try a dress from their website for free so I was like: “Oh my god! Of course, yes.”

I have seen Navabi around and about on Instagram but for some reason, I have never checked out their website. Until now!

Choosing a Dress from Navabi

As I was scrolling through the website, I was excited by the wide variety of clothing options for plus size women. Navabi has clothes for every event you will ever attend in your life: from casual and workwear to evening and holiday wear. Plus, there are hundreds of designers who cater for plus size women including Junarose, Live Unlimited London and Manon Baptiste.

With so many clothes to choose from, I decided to pick something I wouldn’t usually wear. I wanted to push the boat and experiment with a pattern, colour or fit that was out of my comfort zone. That’s why I ended up choosing this Animal Print Crepe Dress by annalisa – a bold, bright red, leopard print midi dress; quite a far cry from my monochrome wardrobe!

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Trying the Dress from Navabi

After putting in my selection, I excitedly awaited its arrival. I didn’t have to wait too long as two days later, the parcel was sitting on my bed. I ripped open the package and quickly got myself into the dress. And to my shock, I thought how gorgeous it was! I’m pretty sure I spent about five minutes swishing and twirling about in my bedroom. The crepe material made it feel super light and flowy on my body, which is perfect for me as I like to be comfortable.

I think this dress is an all-rounder. One that would take you from a day at work to evening drinks at a bar with friends. I ended up wearing it to lunch with my friends where I got lots of comments about how beautiful it is. I take much joy in telling my straight-size friends where I get clothing because I know they can’t purchase it as it doesn’t come in their size. Is that evil of me?

My Final Thoughts…

Overall, I really enjoyed shopping with Navabi. The selection on their website is amazing – there is something for everyone on there! With it being a designer clothing brand, you can expect to pay a little bit extra. However, it delivers in quality and fit. Therefore, I would recommend Navabi if you’re looking for statement pieces to add to your wardrobe.


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