[GIFTED] Unique Vintage x emilydiscovers Plus Size Christmas Lookbook

Are you a fan of vintage styling? Well, so am I! I have always been obsessed with 1950s looks but I’ve find it quite difficult to find classic clothing in plus sizes. We think plus size clothing is limited these days but imagine how hard it is to find original 1950s dresses in a size 20!

That’s why I was so glad to hear from Unique Vintage – a California based company that has both a physical and online store. They asked if I would like to pick out a few dresses and I was so excited! I scrolled through their plus size collection and there were about ten or more dresses I wanted. But I whittled it down to about five dresses because I didn’t want to take the piss.┬áTo my surprise they actually sent me four of the dress I asked for!

They are all featured in the video below:

  1. Unique Vintage Plus Size 1950s Black Stretch Sheer Bodice Shirelle Swing Dress
  2. Unique Vintage Plus Size 1920s Black Sequin Fringe Del Mar Flapper Dress
  3. Unique Vintage Plus Size Black & Silver Glitter Garden State Mesh Cocktail Dress
  4. Unique Vintage Plus Size 1950s Style Dark Teal Bengaline Sweetheart Lamar Swing Dress

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