Did I Achieve my Goals for 2019?

At the end of 2018 (Gosh it feels weird to say that!), I wrote up a list of goals that I had for the new year. Now that twelve months have passed, I thought I would share my progress on these goals and what I will be continuing with in 2020…

  1. Get a tattoo – Achieved.

    For the longest time I wanted to get a very specific tattoo and I had put it off for ages because I was so nervous. However, my sister turned 18 in June and she decided that she also wanted a tattoo. It was getting to October and I realised I still hadn’t ticked off this goal so I decided to take the leap and message the shop. After an initial consultation, we went back into our local tattoo shop on a Saturday morning and prepared for getting our first tattoos. I was super nervous but once it was done, I was so happy. I couldn’t stop looking at it in the mirror! I wrote a blog about the story behind my first tattoo which you can read here.

  2. Be more positive and give less of a shit – Sort of achieved.

    Last year I spoke about how I have days where I’m loving life and others I couldn’t think of anything worse than going outside and being an “adult”. And I can say with certainty that my ‘loving life’ days have increased. This year has been an amazing year for me and I have had so many exciting opportunities and experiences. However, I have often felt myself slipping into a really dark and depressed mental state every so often. It’s normally about my career or what I’m doing with my blog. I find it really hard to deal with because I am constantly want to pause and restart my life over. However, I am definitely feeling more certain about what I want to achieve in 2020 and where I want my life to take me.

  3. Save more and budget properly – Not achieved.

    It’s probably best not to go into this one LOL! It was one of my biggest goals for 2019 but I definitely haven’t changed my spending habits at all. If anything, they have probably gotten worse. I realise I enjoy spending money because it makes me happy. In fact, I often spend lots of money when I’m feeling depressed and need a pick me up. So I will definitely be concentrating more on this goal in 2020 as I want to spend my money better and save more money.

  4. Travel more – Achieved.

    Last year, I talked about travelling more and I am happy to say I have achieved this. In fact, I have smashed this out of the park this year! In total, this year I went to New York City for my birthday for the most insane trip ever and explored Rome with my boyfriend and got extremely hot (not in a sexual way but in a ‘it’s 34 degrees and we’re walking around the Colosseum’ way!)

    My sister and I also booked a spontaneous camping trip to Dorset, which was extremely fun. I had never camped before but I love getting away from everything and just living in the moment surrounded by beautiful things. Then in October, I was lucky enough to be invited to Berlin on a work trip. Unfortunately I didn’t get to do all the proper touristy things in the city but I tried a lot of delicious food and from what I see, I liked it a lot. I definitely want to go back in 2020 to see everything I missed.

    Finally, I finished the year with two trips; one to Wales and the other to Scotland. For my boyfriend’s birthday, I ended up booking us a weekend away to Tenby, Wales where we would be staying in a plane hotel. It was a really fun trip – and worth the five hour drive it took to get there! As for Scotland, my boyfriend surprised me with a festive trip to Edinburgh for our anniversary. I’ve always wanted to visit Edinburgh and walking through the Christmas markets with the overlooking castle was magical.

  5. Reach 10k followers on Instagram – Not achieved but not bothered.

    In February 2018, I started my blog/Instagram and I had really wanted to achieve 10,000 followers by the end of 2019. However, the past year has enlightened me. Back at the end of 2018, I hit 5,000 followers but I realised all of my followers weren’t relevant to my brand. I had an audience percentage of 90% men versus 10% women – which was appalling. I wasn’t posting outfit pictures for men to gawk over. I wanted women to feel beautiful and confident in the body they’re in. Plus, with such a low percentage of females, I realised that brands weren’t going to want to work with me. I was not representative of their demographic!

    As much as I didn’t want to (because everybody knows how much numbers matter in this community), I sat down and began the hard task to reduce my male following percentage. It took me hours of sitting on Instagram and removing males from my following list but it worked. Soon enough, I had a percentage of 53% females versus 47% male. But I didn’t want to stop there! I was down to around 1,000 followers after my cull and so I was back at square one. At this point, I felt like no brands were going to work with me because I was so small. However, I did have luck with brands like Dermalogica and Pink Clove who wanted to work with me.

    As it started to build up again, I continued to remove existing and new male followers. I still do it to this day – and it frustrates me to no end! But I now have an audience percentage of 72% women and 28% men, which I think is great for prospective brands and collaborators. I aim to bring this total down further but after speaking to a lot of bigger accounts than me, it’s clear I have a higher percentage of women than most – which is a shame.

    I am going to go on a bit of a rant (and this is already so long – sorry!) but I get really frustrated when you see someone with 30,000 followers or over that has a large majority of shitty, irrelevant followers. You only have to scroll through their followers list to see all of the BBW fetish accounts that follow them. Fair enough if you’re okay with being fetishized that way but I’m not. I find it so annoying! I could easily have 15,000 followers right now if I had left things the way they were but what would my integrity be? I would feel like I’m lying to brands who products I am recommending to my “female” followers.

    Sorry if you are male reading this but I don’t want you following me unless you really care about plus size fashion and body positivity. I am not a fetish! I am a human being who just wants to share her journey to love her body with people who really engage with me – not people who put loads of kissy faces on my posts.

That’s me all done! I don’t want to end the blogs for 2019 in a negative way so check out my next blog to find out what my goals are for 2020.


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