AD – My Essential Party Companion: Be You Chafing Cream

As you all know the festive period has just been upon us and I’m pleased to share the product I’ve been relying on this party season.

The team at Be You sent me their Anti-Chafing Cream in December so I could try it with my Christmas and New Year’s outfits. And I couldn’t recommend it enough!

I always hate it when you find a great dress but it’s too short to wear shorts underneath. This way, you cannot stop your thighs rubbing and end up going through a night of pain. However, this chafing cream is an absolute life-saver!

I took it for a test run on a night out with my girls and I was able to dance the night away without any irritation or soreness. ⁠I said goodbye to sweaty thighs and embraced what it must feel like to be a slim-thighed girl!

Here are just some of the benefits I found using Be You’s Anti-Chafing Cream over other methods:


No more sweaty, sore thighs! Before I went on a night out I made sure to apply the cream onto my inner thighs as this is usually where I get the most chafing. What’s great about this cream is that it doesn’t leave any sticky or greasy residue. It almost creates like a smooth, silky veil over the skin to allow your legs to slide together and not rub. Even after hours of dancing and walking, I didn’t feel the need to re-apply.


Helps to combat bacteria. Not only does the chafing cream help protect your skin from rubbing but it also helps to heal any cuts or irritation from previous chafe. According to their website, it uses a specific ingredient called Colloidal Silver which is naturally antibacterial and skin-repairing.


Can be used for more than clubbing. This cream is not only used for going out. It is also useful for the hot weather and working out. Anytime you feel a bit of a chafe coming on, this cream is perfect to use. Plus, the bottle is fairly small so you can fit it in your handbag wherever you go!

For more information about the Be You Anti-Chafing Cream, why not visit their website: 


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