My Honest Thoughts on SHEIN As a Plus Size Blogger


As a plus-size blogger, I am lucky enough to work with a wide variety of fashion brands to discover what their clothing is like for bigger bodies. One of my most recent gifted collaborations was with SHEIN but I have also previously bought from them to see for myself what the clothing was like. As I’m sure most of you are right now, I was concerned about SHEIN, its quality of clothing and the sizing when I made my first purchase. The obvious draw of SHEIN is the price of the clothing. It is extremely cheap – making it perfect for bloggers on a budget who want to try new styles. However, with low priced clothing, there is often the issue of poor quality and a bad fit.


After my gifted collaboration with SHEIN, I received so many questions about their clothing and what it was like. Therefore, I thought I would put my honest thoughts and some tips I have for shopping within this blog.

What is the sizing like?

The most common question I get asked about SHEIN from other plus size women is about their sizing. For me, I find that SHEIN clothing often runs small so I always size up to a 4XL when I purchase from them. This is just to ensure that everything is bound to fit when it arrives as I refuse to return anything! (I’ll talk more about their returns in a bit!) However, if you want to make sure everything fits perfectly, there are sizing charts available on their online store. When I’m browsing their website, I tend to choose clothing that contains a model so I get a better idea of what things look like. I also try to look at the material of each piece so I can judge whether it will stretch or not – if so, I can afford to go a little smaller.

Is SHEIN clothing high quality?

I definitely think this depends on the specific clothing you buy but I have found that a lot of the clothing I have received/purchased is good quality. In my experience, the clothing material is always cut nicely and the fastenings don’t feel like they’re going to fall off. Some items may have a few threads but I have also found that with some higher quality brands I’ve tried. Similar to the sizing, it can be very hit and miss so use your best judgement from looking at the available images.

How long does the shipping take? 

As most of SHEIN’s clothing comes from China, I have found that the shipping takes about 7 days and over. This is perfectly understandable given its location and I wouldn’t expect anything different. Therefore, if you’re looking for an outfit on short notice, I would recommend looking elsewhere. However, if you don’t mind waiting it out, then I find it’s definitely worth it – especially if you order as much as you can in one order.

What is the return policy like? 

In terms of return times, you are given 45 days to return anything that doesn’t fit back to SHEIN. I think this is particularly good – given the most online stores offer a maximum of 30 days. However, for packages of less than 20kg, you will have to pay £2.50 to return your parcel. My sister ordered two pairs of trousers from SHEIN which were too small and she had to pay over £10 to return. When you take the delivery cost away off the refund, we only technically only got back £3 – which I really don’t think is worth the return. Instead, I tend to keep anything that doesn’t fit and try to resell or recycle for something else.

If you have any other questions about SHEIN, feel free to shoot me an email on emily@emilydiscovers.com. Or if you’re a brand looking to work with me as a plus-size blogger, please get in touch – I love working with new brands to share with my followers.


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