A 7-year-old boy on a scooter comes across a large bear, yet he manages to remain composed.

It can be a little challenging to “forget about your worries and your strife” when confronted head-on by a real bear, as the song Bear Necessities from The Jungle Book puts it. The terrifying encounter between a 7-year-old child and a bear in their neighborhood was captured on camera.


In the video, Huxley is seen idling along on his scooter when a large, burly person appears behind him.

The black bear approached first warily, perhaps taking stock of the person in front of him. The bear launches itself at full speed and charges at the boy a moment later. Huxley stared the beardown. He didn’t budge or squirmed. This might have been the reason why the young bear stopped dead in its tracks. They only have a foot between them. From around the corner, a neighbor hurriedly walks to the scene. Upon seeing the bear, the neighbor stretched his arms wide open and walked carefully but stepped firmly toward the wild animal. The bear, seeing a larger animal, backpedaled. It turns and then hides behind a parked vehicle. The neighbor, wanting to make sure that the bear doesn’t do anything dangerous, follows the animal.

The conversation evolved into a hide-and-seek match.

As the bear makes every effort to discover a way out, the neighbor keeps applying pressure to it. After a little while, the bear bolted from the scene when it noticed a window of opportunity.

Britney, Huxley’s mother, was relieved that nobody was harmed in the brief but horrifying incident. She adds that she frequently reminds her son about these potential interactions.

According to her, she emphasized to Huxley the value of being aware of his environment in an interview with Inside Edition. She also said Huxley should not panic if he comes face to face with a bear and no people are around to save him.

Huxley did exactly what he was told.

The event could’ve ended badly if not for the boy’s presence of mind and the neighbor’s courage and quick thinking.

“I think most adults even in that moment would’ve perhaps panicked or run away,” Britney said to Inside Edition. “Not everybody knows what to do there so I’m super proud of him.”

In the end, Huxley rides off through the neighborhood, taking with him the lessons he learned in that encounter.

Within the Northern Hemisphere, bears are common.

More and more animals cross our paths as human homes expand out into the wild. When safeguards are not taken, this encroachment may result in hazardous situations. The wisest course of action under these circumstances is still to maintain your distance. The National Park Service advises being composed because bears are often not inclined to assault humans. When in a standoff, stay away from making loud noises or abrupt movements as these can incite hostility.

Lastly, if at all possible, stock up on bear-repelling gear, such as bear spray, and improved food waste disposal.


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