About Me

emilydiscovers is a personal life guide written by Emily Crosby – a twenty-two year old blogger from Essex, England. I started my blog in 2016 while in sixth form as a way to share my experiences and dealings with mental health – mainly anxiety and depression.

It has since expanded to talk about plus size fashion, which is a subject where my passion and creativity lies. Over the last four years, I have found that sharing my experiences of getting through school, dating and coping with work responsibilities while battling mental illness has helped my readers. I also have a large following of plus size women who follow me for outfit inspiration and styling tips. 

Since starting my blog, I have expanded my reach to Instagram and YouTube where I share the same topics. My Instagram is mainly where I share my favourite outfits and other lifestyle content while my YouTube focuses more on experiences while growing up. This is where I can be most open and give advice to people who may be struggling too. 

It is my intention in everything I do to help and guide people. Despite not being an expert in mental health or a stylist, I believe my tips and tricks prove invaluable to my loyal audience of followers. Plus, I find it is vital for me to share how I am feeling, express my thoughts and connect with like-minded people. After all, the discussion around mental health and body positivity is an important one currently – and one that more people need to be talking about.

Ultimately, my mission is to increase the awareness around anxiety and depression as well as the self-love movement and body equality. I hope that by keeping discussions around mental health and body positivity going that more people will feel accepted. That more people will be able to talk about their own experiences and not be ashamed! It’s definitely one hell of a journey but one that will benefit everyone in the long run.