Hiya! My name’s Emily Crosby and I’m a twenty one year old blogger from Essex, England. I really enjoy writing about plus size fashion, beauty and lifestyle, which you are bound to see a lot of here on my blog.

In 2016, while attending sixth form, I began to feel extremely insecure about my body and suffered from bouts of depression and anxiety, which meant I missed a lot of the last year of my studies. With lots of time spent at home just sitting in bed, I was lacking in motivation and needed a project to work on to get me back on track. That’s why I started this blog!

For me, it was a way to express how I was feeling and connect with others who felt the same way. I later started my Instagram account of the same name to share all the things I enjoy doing.

Over the last three years, my blog and social media channels have given me a chance to express my thoughts and build my personal confidence.

In particular, I was inspired by plus size models/bloggers such as Tess Holliday, Ashley Graham and Felicity Hayward on Instagram to start posting more of my style, teaching me to love my body. My personal goal is to provide a positive and confident role model for teenagers growing up with self-esteem and body confidence issues – as this is what I would have needed in high school.


emilydiscovers in 2020

Nowadays, you will mostly find me chilling in bed with my laptop and writing blog posts, taking outfit photos in my local area and posting on Instagram. Hopefully you will find everything you want to read on this blog. I talk a lot about body positivity, mental health, dating and fashion. Take a look around and let me know what you think about my blog either on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or in the comments below my blogs.