Adriana Lima’s Beauty Tricks and Advice

Adriana Lima, a well-known Victoria’s Secret supermodel, is renowned for her seductively gorgeous appearance and, like other girls, she also has a few tricks under her sleeve. We all want to be her because of her amazing figure, perfectly shaped features, and gorgeous face, but this real beauty also has some secrets to give.

The Closet of a Few of Her Secrets is Unveiled:

Keep an Eye on Your Food:

Despite being a well-known lingerie model who outlasted gorgeous people like Miranda Kerr and Gisele Bundchen, Miss Lima enjoys her fair share of lavish Christmas celebrations with her family. She claims that there are instances or times when the tongue refuses to communicate with the brain. Lima tells it to let go when it wants to follow the heart.  Watch your portions, though, if that worries you. You can consume anything, but only in moderation,” she says. She believes that everything can be consumed in the ideal quantity, but only if self-control is exercised.

Elevated Path to Mitigate The Stress:

Adriana thinks it’s completely inappropriate to just sit around and take diet pills. She is not only a lovely face. She is willing to put up with that rigorous exercise schedule.  She enjoys working out hard, getting her muscles sweaty, and guess what her favorite kind of exercise is? Rope jumping. According to Lima, jumping rope for an hour can help you burn up to 1000 calories.


The Trick of the Eye:

Lima prefers having thick, dark lashes since they draw attention to her eyes, therefore her go-to eye makeup technique is to leave the mascara on her lashes alone. The secret to her volumized eyelashes, according to her, is to apply and reapply mascara, building a second coat on top of the first. The secret is to always wear mascara.

Au-Natural Cleansing Mask:

During a tour to Dubai, she shared with her admirers a few of her secrets, one of which was using coconut water on her skin. A coconut water facial cleanse is the key to her extra sheen and golden radiance that peek through her delicate makeup. All you need is a ball of cotton dipped in coconut water and applied all over your face.

The Under Eye Cure:

Another of her coconut DIYs includes a chilled bowl of coconut water where the cotton balls are soaked and then gently placed on top of her eyes. That takes care of all her bags.

Dual Purpose:

A second lip-secret tip from Lima exhibits a dual tone on her cheeks and lips. Lima uses the same hue and tone on her cheeks and lips to create a more natural, breezy look since bright cheeks and a depressingly dismal lip never go together.

Hair Care:

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty, Adriana always sticks to organic materials. Avocado for her hair is the best possible product for her since it gives her hair great volume and shine along with a glistening moisture lock.

Grow The Mane:

To grow those long luscious locks, ask Lima for some advice and she will surely recommend some flaxseed oil which helps her hair grow miraculously along with the added boon of shine and shimmer. If the organic product is too much for you too little time, ask your doctor for some prescribed flaxseed pills.

Her Scent:

Miss Lima has two fragrances assorted for her everyday routine. During the daytime, she wears her favorite Bombshell Diamonds perfume which is a floral fruity scent that keeps her fun and flittering while Victoria’s Secret night for the sundown moments. The latter is a much passionate luscious fragrance formulated specially for the evening rendezvous.    Now we all know how to smell like Adriana Lima.

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