Beautiful Photos of Miss Universe Title Winners (Nicaragua 2023)

One of the most gorgeous women on the planet, the Miss Planet pageant! Only if a woman is “confidently beautiful” can she hold her head high and become Miss Universe. Over a hundred women compete annually for this most cherished and famous title around the world, under the auspices of the Miss Universe organization based in the United States. A person’s grace, elegance, attitude, and culture are important factors that determine the victor in addition to beauty.

Few women have delineated their area and donned the crown. Let’s examine the list of Miss Universe winners for the year 2000-2001 in the twenty-first century!

Miss Universe Winners List (2001-2023):

Current Miss Universe 2023: Sheynnis Palacios

Sheynnis Palacios, the pride of Nicaragua, becomes the first Miss Universe 2023 and leaves a lasting impression. Palacios, a 23-year-old mental health champion who embodies compassion and perseverance, takes on anxiety disorders head-on. Her story is dramatic and inspirational, having gone from struggling to maintain her family financially to being a global advocate for mental health. Sheynnis, a visionary of beauty with a purpose, presents “Understand Your Mind,” an approachable program that addresses common mental health issues. Sheynnis Palacios is a force for good rather than just a beauty queen.Name: Sheynnis Alondra Palacios Cornejo

Date of Birth: 30th May 2000

Age During Win: 23

Country: Nicaragua

Host Venue: Jose adolfo pineda arena in san salvador.

Zozibini Tunzi, 2019:

Physical looks and features often define beauty. It is challenging to break the stereotypes and prove their mettle in the beauty industry if one does not look ‘fair.’ The current Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi from South Africa, is one such confident woman who broke the industry’s beauty standards and stood tall as an inspiration among many. Though her skin tone and hair looks do not go by ‘mainstream’ beauty styles, Zozibini is inspiring in many ways. She stresses the importance of women’s empowerment and believes in women enhancing their skills through self-confidence and leadership qualities. Hats off to her!

Name: Zozibini Tunzi

Date of Birth: 18th September 1993

Age During Win: 26

Country: Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Host Venue: Atlanta, Georgia.

Catriona Gray, 2018:

Catriona Gray, the beauty from Bicol, Philippines, emerged as a winner of the Miss Universe crown in 2018. This beauty with black wavy hair and bold eyes is also popular for her activism in HIV AIDS education. Ms Gray is presently looking into providing free education for children in Tonda Manila, and she is known for her good gestures and heartwarming smile.

Name: Catriona Gray

Date of Birth: 6th January 1994

Age During Win: 24

Country: Philippines

Host Venue: Bangkok, Thailand.

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, 2017:

A business management professional, Demi-Leigh is a native of the Western Cape of South Africa. This blonde-haired beauty with small eyes is an advocate for women’s self-defense to protect and nurture confidence within them. She is the second Miss Universe winner from South Africa, after a long gap of almost 40 years with her enchanting looks!

Name: Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

Date of Birth: 28th June 1995

Age During Win: 22

Country: South Africa

Host Venue: Las Vegas, United States.

Iris Mittenaere, 2016:

As a French model and television host, Iris has emerged as Miss Universe 2016 winner and is the second in the country to ever win the title after 1953. Her sharp features with wavy brown hair can take anyone down, besides her mesmerizing looks. A medical student by profession, Iris is known for her work on raising awareness of children’s health.

Name: Iris Mittenaere

Date of Birth: 25th January 1993

Age During Win: 23

Country: France

Host Venue: Manila, Philippines.

Pia Wurtzbach, 2015:

The Filipino beauty, PiaWutzbach, is a self-made woman who is applauded for her positive and confident persona. Pia entered modeling at quite a young age to support her family and has paved her path to success with her down-to-earth attitude and elegant looks. Her gestures and answers during the competition swept everybody off their feet, and one can affirm that it is right to call her confidently beautiful with a heart!’

Name: Pia Wurtzbach

Date of Birth: 24th September 1989

Age During Win: 26

Country: Philippines

Host Venue: Las Vegas, US.

Paulina Vega, 2014:

The Columbian beauty, Paulina Vega is a popular Columbian model, actress, and host. After a long gap of 56 years, Vega won the title for her country and made the nation proud with her charm and beauty. Not just that, she has also set another record as the first Miss Atlantico to win the title of Miss Universe ever! Way to go, girl!

Name: Paulina Vega

Date of Birth: 15th January 1993

Age During Win: 21

Country: Columbia

Host Venue: Dorai, United States.

Miss Universe 2022: R’Bonney Gabriel:

The most recent 71st Miss Universe was USA’s, R’Bonney Gabriel. She was crowned Miss Universe on Jan 15, 2023.

Name: R’Bonney Gabriel

Date of Birth: 20th Mar 1994

Age During Win: 28

Country: United States

Host Venue: Louisiana, United States.

Miss Universe 2021: Harnaaz-Sandhu:

On Sunday, Dec 12, the 70th Miss Universe pageant event was conducted at Universe Dome in Eilat, Israel. Miss India Harnaaz Sandhu was officially named Miss Universe 2021.

Name: Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu

Date of Birth: 3rd Mar 2000

Age During Win: 21

Country: India

Host Venue: Eilat, Israel.

Gabriela Isler, 2013:

María Gabriela de Jesús Isler Morales, called Gabriela Isler, is Venezuelan TV host and model. Known for her elegant and charming smile, María is the seventh in the country to win the pageant. Her beauty standards and dress are top-notch. Besides her unmistakable charm, Gabriela is devoted to supporting the cause of female empowerment.

Name: Gabriela Isler

Date of Birth: 21st March 1988

Age During Win: 25

Country: Venezuela

Host Venue: Moscow, Russia.

Olivia Culpo, 2012:

Rhode Island isn’t just popular for its exotic beaches, but also for its hot beauties. One such personality is Olivia Culpo, who won the title in 2012. The present-day fashion influencer is known for her dark hair and beautiful smile with an infectious persona. After the Miss Universe competition, she went on to become a celebrated model and also an actress!

Name: Olivia Culpo

Date of Birth: 8th May 1992

Age During Win: 20 years

Country: USA

Host Venue: Las Vegas, US.



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