By cultivating vegetables in the air, this Nigerian farmer is reducing world hunger.


The world has a serious problem with hunger.

Almost 7 million people have already perished from starvation this year.

With so much food available worldwide, why do people still perish from hunger?

Considering that there are regions of the world where people lack access to basic necessities like clean, potable water and a place to live, it is understandable that food is just out of reach for many.

The meal does exist; it just doesn’t get to its proper location.

Nigerian farmer Samson Ogbole made the decision to continue growing fruits and vegetables in an alternative way.

Ogbole’s farming process revolves around two concepts: soilless farming and aeroponics.

To put it simply – he’s growing food in the air.

As Ogbole explained during a TED talk, aeroponics is the future of agriculture because it offers numerous benefits.

For example, it is cheaper than traditional farming because there is no need to hire as many workers since everything is done with a “click.”

Also, this kind of farming is more environmentally friendly since farmers don’t use pesticides/herbicides.

At the same time, there are no space limitations – planting in the air means you can plant as many layers as you like.


Actually, the sky is the limit!

With remarkable results, the young farmer has been using aeroponics for more than five years. This summer, after he was mentioned in a tweet by @NigeriaStories, his work received attention on social media.

Twitter fans got to view images of Ogbole’s produce in addition to hearing about his farming practices.

Someone wrote, “Wow.. I would love to visit this farm.”

“Southern Nigeria needs this initiative to grow crops,” said a different user. This will assist in driving down prices and averting further North American food blockades.

It seems that people are already realizing that this method will change the way people grow food.

And, most importantly, it will help solve some of the issues related to hunger around the world.

Ogbole, apart from cultivating plants, also organizes hands-on seminars which are called “Work and Learn.”

During these seminars, students learn what soilless farming is all about while actively engaging in farming activities.

On his farm, the young Nigerian grows anything from tomatoes to yams and peppers – there are no limitations there.

Pest-free, high-yield, stress-free farming is what aeroponics promises.

And, indeed, Ogbole seems to be enjoying all these benefits thanks to his decision to follow a path only a few have taken.This might be the future of agriculture, so don’t be surprised if you see your spouse growing plants in the air right in your front yard.

Watch how he accomplishes this amazing feat in the video below!

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