Cartola Express: Expressinho provides advice for the ultimate conflict in round #38.

It is time to bid adieu. Round #38, with nine games played simultaneously, is the last installment of the Brasileirão. The competition’s conclusion promises to be difficult for the card players and their decisions because of the key battles, many of which are well-balanced. Expressing will go above and beyond to make sure you leave with some cash in your pocket!

Come into Cartola Express right now to compete for rewards with your teams.

This Wednesday, June 6, at 9:59 p.m., one minute before the start of nine matches, the market will close. Goiás x América-MG is the lone exception; it begins at 7 p.m. and is not part of the controversy.

The formation of round #38

As we said, it is a very difficult round for the cardmaker, with different variables: players who may have low minutes, difficulty in generating favorites for the SG, and the objectives of each team in the round – or even the lack of them, in some cases.

Based on the picture, we decided to be bold and go with a 4-3-3 formation due to the potential of the full-backs selected. Palmeiras has three players and is the biggest presence, but Galo, Flu, and Inter, with two each, also occupy their places.

Rochet (INT) – In a complex round to pin the SG, chips are deposited in Inter’s safe archer, who catches the depressed Botafogo. Alvinegro only scored two goals in the last three duels (Average: 3.17 points / 18 matches)

Also, keep an eye on… Léo Jardim – Vasco welcomes Bragantino in a more than decisive duel, Léo has had great performances and his save average is above 3.5 per game. If you have faith in Team da Colina, it’s a good alternative (Average: 3.85 points / 32 matches)


Guilherme Arana (CAM) – The promise for Bahia and Atlético-MG is a straightforward game: the Squadron needs to win to try to escape from being relegated. Therefore, the left-back can have space to support and produce offensively. Has two goals in the last four games ( Average: 4.91 points / 27 games)

Mayke (PAL) – Barring some phenomenon, Palmeiras will confirm their title against Cruzeiro, and the right-back, a winger in Abel Ferreira’s current formation, will play advanced, closer to the goal. Has one goal and five assists in the competition (Average: 4.90 points / 32 matches)

Marlon (CRU) – Oops! Are there defenders from two teams in the same duel here? Yes, but it’s Cruzeiro’s fault and his fantastic record of tackles: 119 so far. This guarantees good marks with or without SG and is worth the risk (Average: 8.01 points / 32 matches)

Bustos (INT) – Inter takes on a weakened rival and does not intend to give up rehabilitation to Bota. To do so, they will rely on the offensive power of the Argentine, who has three goals and another three assists in the competition (Average: 5.47 points / 28 matches)

Also, keep an eye out for… Puma Rodríguez! Another bold option from Vasco, the right-back has an offensive vocation and has scored two goals in his team’s last five duels (Average: 3.51 points / 29 matches)


Zé Rafael (PAL) – The midfielder is one of Verdão’s support bases and has had a consistent championship. The average in the last five games is eight points, with two goals and one assist (Average: 5.03 points / 30 games)



Hulk (CAM) – Decisive goalscorer, fantastic statistics (15 goals, 11 assists), and part of the best-attacking duo in the country. He and Paulinho have been great options at any time, especially when returning (Average: 9.53 points / 33 matches)

Cano (FLU) – The final stretch showed that Cano remains surgical in his submissions and that Flu does not soften even on the eve of the World Cup, which gives us hope for a good performance from the top scorer (Average: 4.73 points / 28 matches)

Vegetti (VAS) – If there is a candidate for the hero of Cruzmaltina’s salvation, he is the Argentine, scorer of 10 goals in 20 matches and owner of an average number of shots greater than 2.5 per match ( Average: 8.09 points / 17 matches )

Also, keep an eye out for… Enner Valencia! The unpretentious game for Inter against a withered rival could be interesting for the Ecuadorian’s eye for goals, who has already saved eight goals in this Brasileirão (Average: 5.41 points / 21 matches)




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