Body Positivity

10 Body Positive Quotes To Get You Through Love Island Season

That's right, Love Island is back on our TV screens! So we must prepare ourselves to be bombarded with "perfect-looking" women all with plump booties and boobs as big as the ego of the male contestants. For girls who don't have astonishingly flat stomachs or supermodel-long legs, it can be hard to watch and not feel completely shit about your own body. After all, Love Island and many "reality" TV shows continue to perpetrate the ideal beauty standard - described above. But it's important to remember this isn[...]

I am not a fetish.

Instagram has taught me many things in the years I have used the platform. And one of the lessons I have learnt is that I hate men! Particularly men who treat me as a fetish. You would not believe the number of messages I receive on a daily basis from men telling me how much they like my fat legs or jiggly stomach - often accompanied with unsolicited dick pics, which no, I don't enjoy. I also get comments on my photos telling me how they love my "voluptuous body" with an array of emojis (most of which invol[...]

AD – My Essential Party Companion: Be You Chafing Cream

As you all know the festive period has just been upon us and I'm pleased to share the product I've been relying on this party season. The team at Be You sent me their Anti-Chafing Cream in December so I could try it with my Christmas and New Year's outfits. And I couldn't recommend it enough! I always hate it when you find a great dress but it's too short to wear shorts underneath. This way, you cannot stop your thighs rubbing and end up going through a night of pain. However, this chafing cream is an absolut[...]


How to Be Body Positive After Significant Weight Gain!

No matter what size you are, significant weight gain can be particularly difficult if you're still learning to love yourself. Maybe for some the idea of gaining weight doesn't bother them but for me, I really struggle - which is crazy because I try to be as body positive as possible. At the moment, I am the heaviest I have ever been and I'm struggling to cope with the way my body has changed. My stomach is a lot larger than I'm used to and my double chin has grown a lot, which I really notice in photos. Gi[...]

Join me for #BOPOMAS

In the summer, I announced I had created Body Positivity Month - a month dedicated to encouraging self-love and body positivity. I know how much I struggle with self-love and body positivity during the summer so my goal was to make people feel more confident! Given the love and support I received for this month, I decided to create a body positive Instagram challenge for Christmas. After all, winter is also a difficult time for plus size people. Whether it's family members making comments about your weight[...]