My Trip to New York City

Yesterday I uploaded a short clip from my trip to New York last year. It's taken me nearly a year to edit because I procrastinated the shit out of it! I'm not very good at editing so I put it off for so long. However, it's now up! And it was so great looking back at all of my old clips. During this difficult time, it's hard to see the positives in anything. Yet looking back on my trip to New York in May 2019 was really nice. I ended up going with my family and my auntie, uncle, and their kids for a birthda[...]

Cocktails, Canapés and Three Courses at the Nags Head Brentwood!

Following my experience at George and The Dragon Epping, the lovely team at Mitchell and Butler invited me to the Nags Head in Brentwood so I could try their new dinner menu and sample some cocktails (and honestly, who could say no to that?)   First of all, I was really impressed by the overall look and atmosphere. I'm a proper stickler for a good aesthetic so I was completely loving the chic feel of the bar and restaurant. Just imagine velveteen chairs and copper light fixtures - I couldn't stop takin[...]

Dinner at The George and Dragon, Epping

For the first of all the exciting things coming on my blog, I was invited down to The George and Dragon pub in Epping for a complimentary three-course meal and drinks. And I mean, who could say no to that?   On Halloween night, my family and I headed to the pub for our meal. Having never been to the pub (or even Epping before), I didn't know what to expect but it was lovely. All of the bay trees were covered in twinkling fairy lights (which made it feel really Christmass-y - even in October) and the or[...]