Mental Health

10 Body Positive Quotes To Get You Through Love Island Season

That's right, Love Island is back on our TV screens! So we must prepare ourselves to be bombarded with "perfect-looking" women all with plump booties and boobs as big as the ego of the male contestants. For girls who don't have astonishingly flat stomachs or supermodel-long legs, it can be hard to watch and not feel completely shit about your own body. After all, Love Island and many "reality" TV shows continue to perpetrate the ideal beauty standard - described above. But it's important to remember this isn[...]

Top 3 Ways to Survive a Long Distance Relationship!

Earlier this year, my boyfriend announced to me that he had successfully got a job - but it meant him moving to Preston, which is about 250 miles from where we both currently live. As you can imagine, I was devastated. Obviously I had to be happy for him because it was the job he had worked so hard for at university. But it had never occurred to me that he would have to relocate for it. I cried and cried for ages. In my head, this was the end of our year and a half long relationship. I had it in my head that[...]

The Story Behind My First Tattoo

WARNING - Discussions of mental health; particularly anxiety, depression and suicide. At the beginning of 2019, I decided that one of my goals for the year was to get a tattoo. After all, I had been considering getting one since I was about sixteen but what I was getting had chopped and changed. First I wanted a compass to represent the changing directions my life was going in - what can I say, I was a troubled teen! Then, at about 18 years old, I was totally considering getting the lyrics to my favourite so[...]

World Bipolar Day: My Experience with Bipolar Disorder

Today is World Bipolar Day - a day to raise awareness of bipolar disorders and eliminate the stigma surrounding the illness. While I necessarily haven't experienced bipolar myself, I have seen the effects of this mental illness on my family after my grandad was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2010. As such, I would love to share the impact this mental illness has on, not only the individual themselves, but their family and friends, to help raise awareness of a disorder so often misjudged. I was about[...]

Supporting Someone With Their Mental Health

I, like most people in the UK, suffer from a range of mental health disorders that affect my daily life. Whether it’s getting up in the morning for work or making important phones calls, I cannot help the way my brain is wired to deal and cope with these emotions, but I (and you) can help it! I’m not asking for a magic man with a magic cure to come swooping down from the sky and fix my anxiety and depression. As I know these mental health issues are part of me, part of all of us, and so I must[...]