Eleven Chic Bob Hairstyles for Round Faces

The most adaptable facial shape is the oval. Why? Because this face shape suits any hairstyle, whether it has layers or not, bangs or not. Therefore, choosing the greatest bob haircuts for oval faces might become challenging. Since they’re all so gorgeous, right? Professional hair stylist Jessica Noonan says, “I’m obsessed with bobbed hair.” The 1920s flapper’s bobs are a symbol of the independence that resulted from cutting lengthy hair. Vidal Sassoon gave us the graded bob and precision cut box bob in the 1960s, and they still look great today. It makes sense that the bob is the most widely worn hairstyle after a breakup.

Thus, after conducting a thorough online study, we discovered the most popular bob cuts for oval face shapes. Click on them to view them!

Tyra Banks is renowned for her eccentric, edgy style. The supermodel has straight bangs and a heavily layered, textured hairstyle. This lob that grazes the collarbone is ideal for embracing naturally wavy and textured hair. Because the layers are meant to appear haphazard and undone, they nicely frame an oval face shape, making it simple to maintain.

This was the height of Anne Hathaway’s short hairstyle. Her narrow neck is emphasized and her oval face shape is given width by this wavy blunt bob that terminates exactly at her chin. The waves’ subtle texturization gives the hair movement.


Emily Blunt, the actress from Gideon’s Daughter, has a beautiful medium-length haircut thanks to her scruffy hair. Her layered cut’s delicate texture and cozy ombre hair color are what we love most about her. The English actress has a choppy bob cut that adds extra volume to enhance her features, a deep center partition that flatters her oval face, and contrasting soft shaggy ends for added sex appeal.

If you want to draw attention to your eyes, wearing this haircut with light, wispy curtain bangs is a great option.

Actress Anne Hathaway has a fantastic texture and volume in her lovely wavy bob hairstyle. Use hair clips and bobby pins to keep your hair up if you have a medium-length or long bob haircut.

Use a curling iron or hair rollers on small portions of damp hair to achieve Anna’s stylish, adorable waves at the base of her hair. Make sure to leave your hair on the heat for a little while longer if you want to give your tresses some shape or a fresh salon blowout. Apply a hint of hairspray to set them and complete the appearance.

YouTuber Vanessa Evelyn flaunts her traditional wavy bob while mentioning that the textured ends of her hair help to reduce weight and give her cut a rounded appearance. In particular, when my hair is straight, that helps it lay flat. It would emerge bushy and shaped like a triangle if they didn’t do it (i).


The singer Katy Perry has a medium-length, blunt, straight haircut that makes her look flirtatious and lively. This exquisite short bob haircut with a slightly rounded cut is ideal for an oval face shape since it softens the overall appearance. We adore Katy’s bold and eye-catching hair color choice. Her pale skin is made more radiant by the blue tone. As always, add a bit of color to your hair for a daring and modern style.

Advice: If you’re thinking about getting a new hair color, take your time selecting a shade that will go well with your skin tone.

Jessica Alba, one of our favorite style icons, looks chic and flirtatious with this adorable rounded bob that has a side-swept flip. Jessi’s hairdo is an amazing combination of immaculate structure and gorgeous shape.

Always right on the gorgeous hair trends, talented singer Rihanna recently proved that she could truly pull off any style, even if it means a daring, severely straight bob with blunt bangs.

Edgy and modern, use a texturizing gel and your fingertips to give your hairstyle some shine – that we are blinded by. Rihanna perfects her look with bronze makeup and pale pink lips.

Twilight actress Kristen Stewart looks simply divine with her dreamy mix of brown highlights and side-swept bob. Feathered at the ends for extra edginess, to recreate this hairstyle, ask your hairstylist to work on the cut and volume for the beachy look. Also, don’t forget to style with volume-boosting mousse into damp hair and your fingertips for a floaty head of hair.

The fabulous actress Rachel McAdams looks stunningly youthful with her short curly, asymmetrical bob. The effortless hairstyle is a revelation this summer. Perfect for women with oval-shaped and fair complexions, this style will accentuate your beautiful facial features.

You can recreate this look with some hair mousse and jumbo rollers. Apply some mousse to your hair and put them up in rollers for at least an hour and a half. You can also try to style your hair in these curls with a round brush and a blow dryer.

With this sensual bob, diva Rita Ora—who is well-known for switching up her haircut every other day—looks sleek. The round bob haircut is fashionable and edgy, with an intriguingly uneven texture. The adaptable hairstyle, which is pulled back from the front and rounded at the rear, effectively accentuates Rita’s features.

Actress Emma Watson went for a sleek faux bob hairdo, adding dimension and nostalgic appeal to her mane.

To achieve the same style, begin by pinning up the top portion of your hair, fastening it with a clip, and then gathering the lower portions into a braid. Create a coil out of the braid and fasten it to the head using bobby pins.

Proceed to remove portions of the gathered hair and tuck the braided ponytail in.

Zoe Saldana, an actress, has a gorgeous long wavy bob that falls elegantly over her shoulders. We adore how Zoe adds added volume, soft, feathery layers, and structure to the natural hair color trend.

Apply a nice volumizing mousse to your center parting to achieve the actress’ glossy look. For a more natural look, dampen your hair with texturizing gel. Apply a generous amount of light hairspray for the finished effect. See, flyaways aren’t inherently undesirable!

Noonan advises, “Enjoy your bob.” For a night out, consider wearing it pulled back with pompadour bangs. After letting it air dry, give it a quick wash with some style cream, and wear it for the day. On a romantic night, break out the velcro rollers from some volume.

5 Stunning Bob Hairstyles for Oval Faces Infographic

Bob’s haircuts have been fashionable for a long time. They are adaptable and are thought to work best on oval-shaped faces. These are great short haircuts that may be fashioned in several ways.

View the infographic below to discover the most sought-after bob haircuts that accentuate oval faces.

As was previously mentioned, oval faces suit most bob hairstyles, and selecting the ideal one can be challenging for some. You save the day, then, with the gorgeous bob hairstyles for oval faces that are featured above. These haircuts, ranging from shaggy and wavy bobs to faux and long wavy bobs, accentuate your facial features and enhance your overall look. Moreover, you can always experiment with these hairstyles by adding a color to look different yet stylish. So, pick your favorite bob hairstyle and visit a hairstylist you trust.

Anyone with an oval face shape should avoid hairstyles that bring too much hair onto the face and cover it up. Thick fringes and any haircut or hairstyle that pushes the hair forward will make your face appear heavier.

What is the ideal hair length for an oval face shape?

For an oval face, there is no standard length. Oval faces look good with both short and long hair. On the other hand, short hair looks fantastic on this face shape and draws attention to its characteristics.

Which type of bob suits an oval face the best?

The oval face shape and its soft features go well with shaggy bobs, lobs, or bobs with deep side parts; none of these styles make the face appear unnaturally lengthy.

For oval faces, what hairstyles should one avoid?

Any hairstyle that is longer than chest length and lacks layers will appear uninteresting and distort the natural length of the face.

Is it possible to alter bob hairstyles to fit different facial shapes?

They are indeed customizable. Your bob may have differently styled bangs, lengths, waves, and layers according to the form of your face.

Are there any hair care tips for maintaining a bob hairstyle on an oval face?

To maintain a bob hairstyle, get a trim every 3-6 weeks. Use your fingers to get rid of tangles, reduce the use of heat styling tools, and wash your hair every day with a mild shampoo and rinse with cold water for shine.

How can I use accessories to enhance my bob hairstyle on an oval face?

You can accessorize your bob hair by styling it with barrettes, headbands, or fancy and colorful bobby pins. You can put your hair in a half-pin-up look, pull your hair from the sides to the back, or an intricate half-ponytail look with the help of accessories.

If you have an oval face, you need a haircut that will suit your face shape and look great on you. From pixie cuts to long layers, check out some of the hottest haircuts for oval faces in the video.





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