Fitness Secrets and Beauty Advice from Taylor Swift

American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is a lyricist. At the tender age of 24, she has already won a Grammy, achieved multiple single singles, and is best known for her storytelling and country music. She is incredibly gifted and intelligent, but what wins people over is how modest and straightforward she is. Her career had taken off at an early age, and her album Fearless helped her soar to new heights.

Taylor Swift’s Fitness Tricks and Beauty Advice:

  1. Inherently Beautiful:

Taylor Swift dislikes wearing too much makeup and has clear, flawless skin. Her curly blonde hair adds a playful and naive appeal to her already attractive appearance. She keeps herself basic, which helps her avoid beauty mistakes, and has amazing skin. She adheres closely to a few principles and makes extremely deliberate product choices. Since her mother has been her mentor, she values her mother’s counsel the most, particularly when it comes to makeup.

  1. Taylor Swift Cosmetics:

Taylor is appreciative of her mother for introducing her to cosmetics. She acknowledges that when she was younger, she was terrible with cosmetics, and her mother used to assist her by dressing her properly for middle school. She usually applies lipstick, mascara, and eyeliner.

  1. Taylor Swift Hair Care:

The singer loves to experiment with her hair though she never wishes to dye them as she is afraid of damage. She re-curls her hair during shows to make it look smoother and for that, she uses a Conair Ceramic Instant Heat Spiral Styler. For a bad hair day, she chooses to braid her hair sideways and not bother them.

  1. Eye makeup by Taylor Swift:

When Taylor realized she didn’t have any makeup on while flying to Japan, she rushed to the restroom and lined her eyes with a Sharpie! Since then, she has been using liquid liners after realizing how attractive they were to her. Taylor’s go-to eye look is the cat-eyed look, which she creates by simply lifting the lower lash and using eyeliner assistance.

  1. Lip cosmetics by Taylor Swift:

Red lipstick is Taylor’s favorite color. She uses the Cover Girl Lip Perfection in Hot, one of the brand’s red lipsticks, and applies it specially if she is too exhausted to wear much makeup.

6. Taylor Swift Skin Care:

Taylor applies Body Shop Coconut Body Butter on her skin which makes her feel like she is on a tropical island. She applies sunblock before she steps out in the sun and makes it a point to moisturize her skin before going to bed and before makeup in the mornings.

  1. Taylor Swift Diet Secrets:

Taylor Swift doesn’t follow crash diets, she is a foodie and she loves to cook and eat. She prefers a heavy breakfast and then keeping it light throughout the day. She avoids beverages with sugar like tinned drinks or coffee. She religiously intakes a lot of water for which she is called an alien by her friends. She sticks to yogurt, salads, and sandwiches during weekdays but breaks all rules during weekends.

  1. Fitness Secrets:

It’s funny how Taylor doesn’t even have an inch of fat but still works hard to maintain herself. She doesn’t work out to lose weight but she believes in keeping healthy and fit and thus she regularly hits the gym. No matter where she is or how busy she is, she makes it a point t


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