How Do You Plan a Micro Wedding? What Is It?

Yes, a lot of individuals do have grandiose wedding fantasies. However, there exists a subset of individuals who desire the wedding to remain intimate by inviting only their closest relatives and friends. It is these individuals that have made micro weddings more common. The idea of micro weddings is becoming more popular as a way to avoid spending a lot of money on a single day due to the rising expense of weddings.

A Micro Wedding: What Is It?

A microwedding is not the same as an elopement. The micro-wedding trend falls in between the domains of lavish weddings and elopements. It’s a formal, well-organized wedding attended by 30 to 50 guests, including friends and family.

Cutting corners could not always be the goal, therefore it does not entail getting married in your tracksuit in your garden. Some couples who want small weddings decide to throw elaborate events for a smaller number of guests. Although one of the main advantages of micro weddings is cost savings, couples prefer to use their money on better services for a smaller, more upscale guest list.

Big weddings are not always more grandiose than small ones. After all, one’s perception of beauty is subjective. They may appear like an unusual concept, but they are also more intimate, romantic, warm, and—not to mention—cheap. If you’re seeking advice and inspiration for tiny weddings,

What To Consider When Planning A Micro Wedding

If you and your fiancé have decided on a simple and small wedding, let nothing else come your way. Just move ahead and plan your special day. People might feel hurt for not making it to your guest list, so be courteous while explaining the guest’s limitations. There are also other elements to consider while planning your micro-wedding, such as the following.

Include More Guests With Live Streaming

Although you may be hosting a minimal wedding, your extended family and friends might want to witness this special day. Send out invites for a live stream or a Zoom call. Most venues provide high-quality streaming services from different angles, making it possible for everyone to be there virtually on the wedding day.

Include More Guests With A Reception Party

One way to include more guests is to host a reception party. Keep the wedding to your close family connections and invite your friends over for the reception.

Ditch The Rule Book

Dump the set rules and regulations on the wedding day and create your timeline. Replace the wedding cake with a cupcake tower, or skip the band. Instead, hire a local singer and other local businesses to support them and enjoy quality experiences on a budget. It is totally up to you and your fiancé, so ensure that every detail is discussed and decided together. Figure out which traditions you want to follow for your wedding, like the first kiss or the bouquet toss. There are no judgments or pressure, and you can plan it your way, as you see fit.

Limiting The Invitee List

The average guest count at a regular wedding in the US and UK is about 200, and bringing this down to 50 can be a struggle. What makes it more difficult is that 50 is the total count, lowering the number to 25 from each side. Thus, the guest list will only contain a close circle of family, including grandparents, siblings, and best friends. If you have a few more seats to spare, include one person from a close family without whom you can’t imagine your big day. The point is, to be ready to make some crucial decisions.

Splurge And Save On The Budget

Spend on the top priority things like your dream wedding dress or floral wedding décor. Several costs can be cut down with a small wedding plan, like guest accommodation, transportation arrangements, etc. Figure out the things that matter to you and things that you don’t mind cutting back on when planning your wedding budget.

Pay Attention To Every Guest

With a smaller guest list, you get the time and space to mingle with everyone at the wedding. Chart out the seating arrangements and place cards so that everyone is comfortable in their seats and at their tables. Make the guests feel special with well-laid tables. They are the selected 50 people in your life, so go ahead and make their day as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Keep The Celebration Meter High

An intimate wedding does not mean a dip in celebrations. The wedding is a special moment and has to be made memorable. Call in a live band and turn up the music. Include fun interactive activities to keep the party alive. Or, you could make it a destination wedding! Travel to your favorite holiday town and celebrate the vows at the charming, local church, or go on top of a ski mountain. A summer wedding at a stunning garden or lakeside with chairs and a simple arch adorned with flowers to wed under sounds delightful too!




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