How to Get Well Enough to Make Yourself Throw Up

Our bodies naturally can fight off different infections and illnesses. Throwing up, or vomiting is your body’s method of alerting you to an uncomfortable stomach condition. The contents of your stomach violently rise via the food pipe and exit your mouth when you vomit (1). After consuming anything harmful, a lot of people get sick and want to throw up. Even though they could feel better right away, you should only do this if a doctor advises it.

In this article, we have shared a few tips on how to make yourself throw up easily. But there’s a word of caution here – do not try these methods to lose weight or fix a serious medical ailment because it can make things worse.

There are benefits and drawbacks to vomiting. You have to get to the emergency hospital right away if you consume something harmful. Additionally, never induce vomiting without first discussing it with a healthcare professional. This is because induced vomiting may lessen the effectiveness of a medical treatment that has been recommended (2).

That said, there are a few situations in which throwing up could be beneficial. See everything there is to know about forced vomiting.


How to Get Rid of Yourself: Indices That You Should Seek Induced Reflux

As was previously stated quite plainly, forcing yourself to throw up without medical advice may be harmful to your health. You can induce vomiting in certain situations after speaking with your physician. These circumstances consist of:

If you’ve consumed a poisonous food

Avoid developing this as a habit since it can hurt your health and lead to serious medical issues such as tooth damage, gastrointestinal issues, esophageal damage, and more (3).

Many people use their fingers to induce vomiting, hence it is essential to wash hands properly to prevent the transmission of bacteria from the hands to the throat. Before you make yourself throw up, make sure to follow hygiene practices like washing your hands to prevent problems, including tonsillitis (4).


2. Go to the Washroom

Before you make yourself throw up, you should kneel in front of the toilet so that you can vomit comfortably. Also, do not put a lot of pressure on your stomach to avoid discomfort.


3. Keep Yourself Relaxed

Do not burden your mind with the thought of vomiting and sickness. Be at ease and then try to vomit.

Now that you know how to prepare yourself for induced vomiting, let’s discover the tips on how to make yourself throw up.


How to Make Yourself Throw Up And Feel at Ease


1. Use the Finger Method

This is undoubtedly one of the most common ways to induce vomiting. In this, you need to push your index or middle finger down your throat to cause a gag reflex. Most often, it induces vomiting in one go, but sometimes you may need to stick your finger inside your throat two to three times. This will make you gag and vomit eventually (5).

2. Gargle Salt Water

Bring a glass of water to a boil, and add a teaspoon of salt to it. Mix well and allow it to cool down a bit to prevent your throat from burning. Use this solution to gargle. Tilt your head back take small sips of water and swish it around. After swishing water in your mouth for a few seconds, spit it out into the sink. Keep gargling for a few minutes to make yourself vomit. Make sure not to swallow the liquid (6).


3. Take Help of a Toothbrush

Many people are not comfortable with the idea of pushing their fingers down their throats. In this case, you can use a toothbrush to cause a gag reflex. Or, you can also use a tongue cleaner and make it slide far back to induce vomiting. Doing this will cause a gag reflex and make you vomit (5).


4. Think About Yourself Throwing Up

It’s said that thinking about vomiting or seeing someone vomiting can make you feel like you want to throw up too. So, if you want to go for induced vomiting, you can picture yourself vomiting or google images of pictures of people throwing up (if you are comfortable) to make yourself throw up. Nausea is defined as an ‘unpleasant painless subjective feeling that one will imminently vomit’. So, thinking about something unpleasant like imagining yourself vomiting may induce nausea and help you

throw up.

5. Go on a Merry Go Round

Motion sickness and vomiting are closely related to each other. Do you remember going on a roller-coaster ride and then feeling nauseous? Well, that can help you induce vomiting. By this, we don’t mean that you need to go on a ride. You can simply spin around in circles to feel dizzy. But, don’t go overboard to avoid injuries (8).


6. Use Your Mental Imagination

When was the last time you threw up or saw someone throwing up? If you remember situations like these and draw upon your memories, you might be able to bring a gag reflex and vomit.

7. Take Mustard Water

Take a teaspoon of mustard seeds, grind them, and mix it in a glass of water. Drink it to induce vomiting.

Mustard has emetic properties, and these properties are known to induce vomiting and nausea (9, 10).


8. Think About Something Unpleasant

If you are scared of heights, look at pictures of the elevated place. If you don’t like the smell of garlic, smell it. The point is to think about something you don’t like at all to induce vomiting.

These were some of the easiest tips on how to make yourself throw up. Now let’s take a look at some causes of vomiting and the risks involved with induced vomiting.


What Are the Causes of Vomiting?

One of the more serious causes of vomiting is bulimia, a serious eating disorder that makes a person eat in large quantities and then get rid of it in the form of vomiting. This type of disorder must be treated by a medical practitioner to avoid health complications.

Side Effects of Throwing Up

Vomiting has various potential side effects, this is why it is not always advisable to go for induced vomiting unless a medical doctor has advised otherwise. Some of the potential side effects of throwing up include (12):

How to Take Care of Yourself After Vomiting?

Take a bath to feel good after vomiting.

Take small sips of water to hydrate yourself.

Avoid eating fried and heavy foods for some time.

Use mouthwash to get rid of bad breath.

When Should You Not Opt for Induced Vomiting?

One should not go for induced vomiting if they have ingested something poisonous, or if they have severe abdominal discomfort. Plus, if someone has bulimia, they should not make themselves throw up and instead, get treated for their condition. Moreover, according to traditional practitioners, people should not go for kunjal kriya (voluntarily induced vomiting) if they have acute fever, heart ailments, hernia, or a visceral infection (6).


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