IPL-style multi-city WPL is what RCB women’s captain Smriti Mandhana is calling for.

RCB was led by Smriti Mandhana in the first Women’s Premier League (WPL).

Speaking at RCB Innovation Lab’s Leaders Meet India in Bengaluru last week, Indian women’s cricket team vice-captain and skipper of the RCB women’s squad Smriti Mandhana offered her thoughts on the possible effects of a multi-city format for the Women’s Premier League (WPL).

In her reflections on the WPL’s success, Smriti Mandhana was excited by the possibility of implementing a multi-city format at the inaugural summit, which brought together powerful executives from diverse businesses to discuss the future of sports. In a multi-city model, WPL would be fantastic. That seems like the next step, and I do not doubt that those in charge here would investigate and see to it that it was carried out. As an RCB supporter, I would adore playing in Chinnaswamy where the crowd chants “RCB RCB” and experiencing that atmosphere firsthand. For us, the fact that it (the multi-city format) may go to areas where women’s cricket hasn’t yet penetrated and obtain fresh

The 27-year-old believes that the RCB Innovation Lab’s Leaders Meet India was a much-needed platform to understand how different business people look at sports as a platform to generate digital numbers and feels the event should happen more often to interact with other sports icons and business top brass.


Smriti Mandhana emphasizes the significance of a supportive atmosphere.

The captain of the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) Mandhana stated that she will give priority to spending time with the team and that the franchise has created a conducive environment ahead of the WPL auction and the second season of the competition. “Many considerations have been made on the types of combinations we require for release or retention. Therefore, we are eagerly anticipating the WPL auctions and are hoping to acquire the players we have our eye on,” Mandhana continued.

In her speech, Mandhana emphasized the noteworthy accomplishments of female athletes in recent times, as well as the expansion of women’s sports in India. “Women in India are doing amazing stuff in the last five to ten years not only in women’s cricket but in women’s sport in general,” she said, emphasizing the cultural shift. Many smaller city girls are greatly inspired to follow their passions by the medals that women’s athletes have won for their country at the most recent Olympics, Commonwealth Games, or Asian Games. Women’s sports in general, in my opinion, ought to be treated differently since doing so will undoubtedly increase sales, whether they are selling tickets or digital rights.

Mandhana recommended concentrating on the grassroots level when asked what areas women’s cricket needed more funding or attention to continue moving forward.

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