Jay Gupta: All I can think about in my dreams is that Indian call-up.

One of the most impressive football players in the ISL 2023–24 right now is Jay Gupta.

In his rookie season, Jay Gupta, a 22-year-old star for FC Goa, has swept the Indian Super League (ISL). The youthful defender, who has grown into a vital member of FC Goa’s undefeated team, recently offered his opinions in an interview with ISL Media. His rise from Portugal’s top youth programs to his current status as a strong player in FC Goa’s defense is very remarkable.

Gupta’s adventure started in 2019 when he traveled to Portugal and enrolled in the youth program at GDS Cascais. He navigated through clubs like G.D. Estoril B and Ebre Escola Esportiva during his senior career before


Accepting change and identifying his specialty

“It was a new tie-up that they had with this first division club in Portugal which had an elite development program,” Jay Gupta recalled when discussing his relocation to Portugal. He believed that I could travel there and take care of myself.

Not only did he improve his skills during his stay in Portugal, but he also gained a deeper understanding of the subtleties of the game. Gupta said, “The culture is different.” They have an obsession with it. The grassroots are so excellent because of this obsession. They want their young players to be capable of immediately making the first squad. Gupta was a winger at first, but Jose, a Spanish coach, changed his course. “I began to realize that my physical attributes complemented the requirements of the center-back position.” I became fond of it,” Gupta said.


Flexibility and sources of inspiration

When Manolo Marquez, the current head coach of FC Goa, looked into Jay Gupta’s potential as a left-back, his versatility was highlighted. The defender gave thanks for the chance to reflect on his job change, saying, “Playing as a full-back, I can show a lot more and I can help the team a lot more.”

He tried to emulate the influence of players like Joao Cancelo on the pitch, finding inspiration in them. “Among the best full-backs I’ve ever seen is Cancello.” I learned a lot about what a full-back does and how much he can contribute from watching him,” Gupta said.


Reminiscent moments and goals

His spectacular ISL goal against Odisha FC was the result of meticulous effort rather than pure luck. Gupta said, “I’ve worked it on my muscle memory for a very long time. I had been looking for this exact goal for a long period.”

Recognizing the impact of coach Marquez, Gupta emphasized the challenging yet advantageous aspects of his mentor’s coaching. Gupta underlined, “He started to train my mind in every training session.”

It’s been difficult to get used to the ISL’s increased professionalism, but Jay Gupta loves the intensity. He said, “I love that you have to be on all the time.”


Pride in the country and aspirations for the future

“It is our dream to be able to get to the World Cup,” Gupta stated, expressing his excitement to contribute to the Indian national squad. And the greatest honor I could receive would be to be able to assist the national team.

“I’ve always dreamed about that Indian call-up more than playing for any European club,” he reiterated. He said, “I’ve always wanted to play for my nation and someday help them achieve that ambition.



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