Mark Harmon and his spouse provide an explanation of why their marriage has endured over 34 years: “I don’t think two people can work all the time.”

Pam Dawber and Mark Harmon are a bright exception to the rule that celebrity marriages are doomed by Hollywood’s flash and glamour.

In a world where love stories frequently end in divorce, they represent the height of enduring love.

What then is the secret recipe that has preserved their marriage for many years?

Pam shares the details of the enduring relationship between them.

When Pam and Mark got married in 1987, they were already household names. Mark had just been crowned PEOPLE magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” in 1986, and Pam was riding high on her fame from the iconic show, “Mork & Mindy.”


Yet, at the pinnacle of her career, Pam made a life-altering decision.

She chose to step away from the spotlight to focus on her roles as a wife and mother.

“I don’t think two people can work all the time in show business and stay married,” she said.

This wasn’t just a whimsical thought; it was a conscious decision that she felt was necessary for the longevity of their marriage.

After welcoming their two sons into the world, Pam fully embraced the joys and responsibilities of motherhood.

She wasn’t just going through the motions; she was living her dream.

“I did everything you can do in this business and then I had children. I wanted to drive my kids to school.”

“I wanted to be there for their birthdays and bring cupcakes and donuts and do the school festivals and all that—and I did,” she elaborated.

Meanwhile, Mark continued to build his acting career, most notably with a long-standing role in “NCIS.”

Despite his ongoing public presence, the couple has managed to keep their family life to themselves.

Pam emphasized, “Notice you don’t see us in the magazines. When you’re married, that’s real life.”

Fast forward to today, and the couple has been happily married for over three decades.

Their sons are now adults, carving out their paths.

When asked about the impact of having famous parents, Pam was quick to downplay her celebrity status.

“I’m just their mom. They don’t care about what I did. They care about what they are doing.”

“They want their parents to care about what they are doing. Their father is already iconic enough for two boys. I am just the mom.”

Although Pam took a hiatus from acting to focus on her family, she has occasionally returned to the screen for special roles in shows like “The Crazy Ones” and “The Odd Couple.”

Her sporadic comebacks have been more about passion than necessity, a testament to her versatile life choices.

Mark has also shared his perspective on why their marriage has stood the test of time.

In a conversation with PEOPLE, he said, “We were both in our thirties when we got married, so hopefully the stupid stuff we did earlier. That’s probably the closest I have to what the key is.”



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