“Not naturally that big”: Logan Paul joins the controversy about The Rock’s steroid use




Logan Paul is a new and surprising voice in the chorus of criticism, while Black Adam’s star, Dwayne “The Rock,” continues to battle the winds of popular opinion. Joe Rogan’s sharp doubts over Johnson’s physical size had already caused a stir. “Don’t act like you are naturally that big,” has been repeated and resonated with public figures such as Paul, who is now making a stand. This has caused a gap between fans and followers.

Increasing The Rock’s Rumble

When Black Adam was released and promoted in October 2022, the already mounting criticism suffered a new blow. “Come on The Rock?” Rogan’s audacious remarks on his podcast caught listeners’ attention and ignited a debate. Logan Paul then added his own volatile views to the flames, intensifying the criticism of Johnson.

According to the PBD Podcast, Patrick Bet-David noted that Johnson’s level of public anxiety was increasing, suggesting that he was not entirely satisfied with his efforts to keep up a positive public persona: “I had a feeling [The Rock] was really worried about what everyone in their world would think.”

The public has been riveted to Joe Rogan’s relentless demands that Johnson acknowledge his suspected usage of steroids, either by denial or acknowledgment. The supporters are bewildered and in amazement as a result of the ambiguity and refusal to address the allegations, which have only exacerbated the already explosive situation.

A Fragile Understanding?

A tsunami of public opinion is sweeping Johnson, who is renowned for his altruistic image as the “people’s champion,” and it is being amplified by activists such as Logan Paul. Johnson’s dead silence amid the charges and the rising divergence within his fan base adds to the tension and expectation. The public mystery surrounding his steroid use has given rise to a variety of interpretations and viewpoints, casting doubt on the incredible reputation Johnson has amassed over many years.

Fans are left to compare the superhero image of Black Adam with the volatile undercurrents of the charges facing Johnson now that the film is available for viewing on HBO Max. The public is in a bind due to the constant stream of critics, Logan Paul included, and they are turning to Johnson for solutions while also hoping that things would calm down soon.

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