Overuse of technology? Next-generation BMW 5 Series competitor, the 2024 Mercedes-Benz E-Class ‘Hyperscreen’ interior, has been revealed.

Mercedes is planning to replace the existing third-generation MBUX with its operating system, MB.OS, in addition to having a screen that functions more like a smartphone.

Though the E-Class’s MBUX is a forerunner to MB.OS will come equipped with an app suite that includes Vivaldi, an internet browser, plus Zoom and Webex for collaboration and workflow.

It’s interesting to note that the E-Class will also include TikTok, a prominent social media site, and the once-popular smartphone game Angry Birds.


The driver can “participate in online video conferences… and take personal photos and videos” thanks to its built-in camera.

“At a later date, camera functions will also be possible for the front passenger.”

Additionally, the system will have the ability to control the ambient lighting in the cabin through the use of music. For instance, “fast sequences of beats can cause rapid light changes while flowing rhythms can create softly merging lighting moods.”


But Mercedes quickly adds a disclaimer to address the question you’re undoubtedly wondering already: isn’t that illegal?

“New technologies must always meet the legal requirements of the different markets, and must therefore be adapted accordingly,” explains Mercedes.

“We are currently looking into the approval situation in this respect.”


But the firm is expected to phase out several of its less popular body shapes for various model lines, according to sources from M-B insiders, so the screen won’t be the only change coming to the E-Class.

Rumors from sources like the European Car and Driver indicate that this means no more wagons or coupes for the E-Class. A senior member’ of the brand’s planning and strategy team informed the outlet that the company will become ‘more upscale’ and increase profit margins by narrowly focusing on key models.

“At the end of the day, we simply don’t need estate cars [wagons] or underperforming two-door offerings to boost volumes,” they stated.


The two most important components of modern, sustainable luxury vehicles are time and space. That is our priority, not some fanciful body type, a model that is exclusive to Europe, or a final attempt at a disappearing market niche.”

Nevertheless, Stuttgart has already confirmed the final models of its V8-powered C- and E-Classes, so there’s no need to speculate as to whether the upcoming AMG variants of the E-Class will look the same as they do now.

It is realistic to assume the next generation E63 to follow the same reduced plug-in hybrid path as the new C63 E Performance. Mercedes-AMG is offering the Final Edition treatment to its C63 S Cabriolet and Coupe, as well as the E63 S Sedan in the form of a package.



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