• My Honest Thoughts on SHEIN As a Plus Size Blogger

    emilydiscoversblog 31/05/2020

    As a plus-size blogger, I am lucky enough to work with a wide variety of fashion brands to discover what their clothing is like for bigger bodies. One of my most recent gifted collaborations was with SHEIN but I have also previously bought from them…

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  • Discovering I Have Vaginismus [NSFW]

    emilydiscoversblog 25/05/2020

    I must start this blog by saying that it’s taken me a very long time to drum up the confidence to write this blog! Over the past two years, I have felt lots of shame and embarrassment about the whole topic of vaginismus. It’s extremely…

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  • My Favourite Plus Size Outfits for April

    emilydiscoversblog 02/05/2020

    Another month in quarantine and another month taking photos in and around my home! It’s an extremely weird time right now but the only thing keeping me sane is taking photos for Instagram and trying new outfits. Below are five of my favourite plus size…

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  • Emily Discovers… Break Ups

    emilydiscoversblog 20/04/2020

    I want to mix things up a little with my blogs by talking about subjects I would typically write about for my YouTube channel. This one is definitely an interesting (and not very cheery one) to start on but hopefully, the next few will be…

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  • The Ultimate List of Places To Buy Plus Size Clothing

    emilydiscoversblog 08/04/2020

    Hey everyone! As a plus-size fashion blogger, I often get asked where I buy my clothes or what shops are best for finding plus size clothing so I thought I would create a big list below of all the places I shop. See this as…

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