Pyo Hye Rim, a 27-year-old South Korean YouTuber who was bullied in school, passes away

South Korean media sources claim that YouTuber Pyo Hye Rim decided to end her own life. It was stated that on October 10 at 12:50 PM IST, she was declared deceased. Pyo Hye Rim had previously disclosed that she experienced bullying throughout her time in school. Her experience with bullying bore similarities to that of The Glory’s protagonist. Pyo Hye Rim posted a video on YouTube earlier today in which she could be seen crying.


The issue of Pyo Hye Rim’s school bullying

During her time in elementary, middle, and high school, Pyo Hye Rim claimed to have experienced bullying and violence in schools for a total of twelve years. Pyo Hye Rim submitted a nationwide petition in April of last year, requesting the repeal of laws that would allow those responsible for acts of school violence to escape punishment, such as statutes of limitations and defamation laws that apply to statements made in public. The events surrounding Pyo Hye Rim that caused her to take this drastic action are presently being looked into by the authorities.


YouTuber Pyo Hye Rim goes missing

Numerous reports from South Korean media outlets state that around 12:57 PM KST, the Busan Police Station and Fire Department got a report of a woman falling into a reservoir. Officials arrived at the area quickly and began their underwater search. They located the woman at about 4:20 PM KST and took her to the closest hospital right away. But the physicians declared her dead, saying she was suffering from cardiac arrest. Pyo Hye Rim was the name of the woman who fell into the reservoir, according to the police department’s investigation. According to earlier reports, Pyo Hye Rim also uploaded a YouTube video named



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