Reba McEntire opens out about her want to give up after losing her mother.

Renowned country music artist Reba McEntire recently opened up about a heartbreaking period of her life, including how losing her mother almost made her give up on her singing career.


The country music legend, renowned for her poignant lyrics and strong voice, had to deal with the devastating loss of her mother, Jacqueline, who died in 2020 at the age of 93.

With Jacqueline’s death, Reba experienced a vacuum in her heart that overshadowed her enduring love of music.

Reba, whose career has spanned decades and included multiple hits and awards, found herself suddenly doubting the core of her musical profession.

During an emotional appearance on TODAY, Reba recounted a conversation with her sister Susie that underscored her crisis of passion.

“I told my little sister Susie when we were working at the house, I said, ‘I don’t know if I want to sing anymore.’

She said, ‘Why?’ I said, ‘Because I always sang for Mama,’” she explained, her voice reflecting the depth of her loss.

At 68, Reba’s journey has been more than just a successful career; it’s been a life deeply intertwined with music, thanks in large part to her mother.

Reba described Jacqueline’s crucial role in her life as follows: “Mama was the one that inspired us kids, taught us kids how to sing, took us to our singing gigs, and was our biggest cheerleader.”

Through Reba, Jacqueline was able to live out her ambition of being a singer, which she shared with her enthusiasm for music.

“I will be living my dreams through you, Reba,” she declared. Why, in the world, wouldn’t you want to go sing?

Recalling her mother’s advice, which had motivated her ambition and drive throughout her career, Reba reflected.


“Seven Minutes in Heaven,” Reba’s most recent song, is a loving ode to her mother.

She expressed her feelings through the song when she sang it on TODAY, demonstrating her continuing skill and the significant impact her mother had on her artistic vision.

With songs like “Fancy,” “Consider Me Gone,” and “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia,” which have connected with millions of listeners worldwide, Reba has a vast discography. This new tune adds to that collection.

During the talk, Reba also expressed her affection for her boyfriend, Rex Linn, and how much he had helped her deal with her mother’s passing. It’s always so much better, she remarked, “to have somebody to share the joy and the sorrow with, as well as the happy times.”

Her relationship with Rex, characterized by mutual support and understanding, has been a source of comfort and strength in her time of grief.

Earlier this year, in a conversation with Willie Geist on TODAY, Reba delved into the crucial role her mother played in her singing career.


She reminisced about how music was a constant in the McEntire household, a bond that united the family in harmony and joy.

“We didn’t have radio in the car. It was four kids in the backseat, rough-housing and, you know, Mama would get us to sing to pass the time,” she shared, her voice tinged with nostalgia.

“We were the singing McEntires.”

This fond memory highlights the simple yet profound ways music infused their daily lives, a tradition that Reba has upheld throughout her illustrious career.




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