Star of Taxi Driver Lee Je Hoon leaves the hospital after surgery for ischemic colitis

Recently released from the hospital, Lee Je Hoon is well-known for his outstanding acting performances in K-dramas such as Signal, Taxi Driver, and others. Lee Je Hoon had previously been taken to the hospital by ambulance due to excruciating stomach pain. Due to this unexpected problem, Lee Je Hoon decided to put his health first and stop his current activities. He resigned from his position as the Busan International Film Festival’s emcee in 2023.

After undergoing surgery for ischemic colitis, Lee Je Hoon was released.

Recent media sources state that Lee Je Hoon’s ischemia colitis surgery went smoothly and that he was released from the hospital two weeks ago. At the moment, Lee Je Home is taking some time off to recuperate at home. According to the actor’s camp, Lee Je Hoon intends to finish up his commitments this week or the following week. He also intends to soon return to the sets of his drama. Lee Je Hoon was taken to the hospital on October 1st, following excruciating stomach pain.

It turned out to be ischemic colitis, a disorder when the large intestine has a temporary reduction in blood flow, upon diagnosis. He was admitted to the hospital right away, and the surgery and recovery took more than a week.


Actor Lee Je Hoon of Taxi Driver is successfully released from the hospital after undergoing emergency surgery. Read this.

Lee Je Hoon’s latest conduct

Lee Je Hoon was forced to resign from presenting at the Busan International Film Festival’s opening ceremony in 2023 due to an unexpected health emergency. At the opening ceremony, Park Eun Bin made history as the first female solo host. Lee Je Hoon also took a break from filming Chief Inspector: The Beginning, an MBC drama. The story of Park Young Han, a detective, serves as the basis for the drama. He takes issues into his own hands because he is angry with the cruelty displayed by humanity. The drama that ran from 1971 to 1989 is supposed to have a forerunner in this show.




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