The Kardashians and Jenners are known across the globe for their huge prominence and fame. One of the notable figures in this family is Kylie Jenner. The American socialite, superstar, and finance manager is known for her energetic, brilliant, and extraordinary looks, past her astonishing business abilities. Kylie is likewise […]

David Willey, who made his debut during the beginning of England’s ODI revolution and remained until its tragic conclusion—despite notably missing its pinnacle moment along the way—became the first player to formally declare this World Cup implosion to be its last. Aside from timing, it was hardly shocking to learn […]

Australia advanced to the semi-finals after defeating England, thereby ending England’s official World Cup championship campaign. Jos Buttler’s team has lost six of their first seven games in what has turned out to be an exceptionally difficult tournament, and they are currently firmly anchored at the bottom of the standings. […]