The list of athletes entering the 2024 Copinha is released by Bahia.

Joinville, Bragantino, and Guaratinguetá will compete against Tricolor in the opening round of the nation’s most renowned grassroots championship.

The list of 30 players selected to participate in the Copa São Paulo de Futebol Júnior, Brazil’s oldest grassroots football competition, was made public by Bahia. The competition will celebrate its 54th season in 2024. Group 21 will include Joinville, Bragantino, Guaratinguetá, and Tricolor. There will be 128 competitors in the competition, which runs from January 2 through January 25.


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It merits recalling that Bahia was sprinter up in 2011 and has the best record in the Upper East throughout the entire existence of the opposition. The quest for the extraordinary title will start in Guaratinguetá, where Tricolor will play the three matches substantial for the primary stage.

Look at those chosen:



1-Eric: Eric dos Santos do Carmo (03/28/2004)


2.Victor: Victor dos Santos Nascimento (05/03/2006)


3. Arthur Jampa: Arthur Araujo Medeiros do Nascimento (03/30/2008)


4.Iuri: Iuri Jean Carlo Neres dos Santos (02/11/2007)




5.Hygor: Hygor Peçanha de Moraes (04/17/2004)


6. Marcello: Marcello Gesteira de Souza (04/07/2003)


7.Diego Arroyo: Diego Junior Arroyo Maldonado (04/29/2005)


8. Rafael: Rafael Soares de Jesus (12/27/2004)


9. Gerald: Gerald dos Anjos Santos (01/11/2007)


10. Jackson: Jackson Cavalcante Felipe (05/26/2006)


11. Alex: Alex Ferreira de Souza Junior (03/29/2005)


12.Kaua Davi: Kaua Davi Fernandes Braga (01/17/2004)


13. Daniel: Daniel Gomes da Silva (05/09/2005)


14.Dodô: Marco Antônio Pereira do Nascimento da Silva (01/07/2006)




15.Sidney: Sidney de Carvalho Duarte (03/12/2006)


16. Jota: João Victor Wide Moreira Guimarães (06/02/2004);


17. Vitinho: Pedro Victor da Silva Santos (04/28/2004)


18. Wendel: Wendel Silva Passos (02/28/2006)


19. Paulo Souto: Paulo Ganem Souto Neto (08/21/2006)


20.Alex Jesus: Alex Vilas Boas dos Santos Silva de Jesus (07/08/2007)


21. Pedrinho: Pedro Henrique Silva Santos (01/19/2006)


22. Guilherme: Guilherme Santos Brito (11/23/2003)




23. Tiago: Tiago Souza de Jesus Carvalho (04/08/2005)


24.Juninho: Edivan Vitor da Silva Junior (12/17/2005)


25.Lucas Aruba: Lucas Mazdiel Aruba Santos (03/26/2004)


26. Ruan Pablo: Ruan Pablo Barbosa Sousa (07/23/2008)


27.João Coni: Joao Vitor Coni de Andrade (06/15/2006)


28. Roger Gabriel: Roger Gabriel Farias de Jesus (11/02/2007)


29. Kennedy: Kennedy Anderson Gomes Ferreira (07/08/2004)


30. Waliffer: Jose Waliffer Pires Correia Lima (01/08/2006)

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