The Rust incident and how it permanently altered Dwayne Johnson’s film policy

Years have passed since the tragic event that claimed the life of “Rust” cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set when actor Alec Baldwin inadvertently fired a toy gun he thought was safe. Looking back, the sad incident has caused a radical change in the way Hollywood views safety on set.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson vows never to use actual guns in his films following the horrific tragedy that claimed the life of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the “Rust” set. To prioritize safety over cost, his production firm, Seven Bucks Productions, converts to rubber guns.

Prioritize safety: Rubber versus Real

Dwayne Johnson told it like it was in an interview with Variety: “The tragedy of ‘Rust’ struck a deep chord with me.” Johnson said, “I was heartbroken first and foremost.” “One of our lives was lost. My thoughts are with her family and all the crew members involved. Alec and I have been friends for a very long time.”

Johnson made a pivotal announcement when he said that real guns would no longer be used on the sets of his prestigious production firm, Seven Bucks Productions. “Any movie, any television show, or anything we do or produce — we won’t use real guns at all.”

This wasn’t just a visual decision; it was about putting everyone’s safety first, no matter how much it would cost. “We’re not going to worry about the dollars; we won’t worry about what it costs,” said Johnson.

Cooperating to Make Hollywood Safer

The Rock is dedicated to bringing about change beyond his productions. His goal is to make this “no real guns” rule the norm at every studio he works with. And he’s not the only one on this safety quest. Prominent individuals such as Eric Kripke, the driving force behind ‘The Boys’ on Amazon, have expressed similar feelings and called on the film industry to come together for a safer production environment.

Variety was informed by Dwayne Johnson that he started planning how to make his projects safer as soon as he heard of Hutchins’ tragic passing.

Looking back on these historical occurrences now, it is clear that disasters, even though they are unpleasant, frequently pave the way for significant change. The ‘Rust’ disaster has had a lasting influence and changed the safety standards in Hollywood. And trailblazers like Dwayne Johnson are spearheading the movement to make sure that the entertainment sector never again experiences something as catastrophic.

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