When a seemingly “ordinary” couple steps onto the dance floor, they turn the switch.


There are many different types of talent.

This pair is not an anomaly.

Just listen to the MC introducing these two dancers before the dancing even starts if you ever needed a reminder of how big of a deal they are in the industry.


Talent comes in all shapes and sizes.

This couple is no exception.

If you ever needed a reminder of how huge these two dancers are in the field, just give a listen to the MC introduce them before the dancing even begins.

He lists the merits, achievements, and awards these two amazing dancers have garnered over the years.

So we now know we are in the presence of greatness even before the music starts, and then when the record gets spinning, these two get spinning, too.

Jeremy Webb and Kalin Ellis put on a masterclass of how the Carolina Shag is done and done good.

Jeremy Webb is a professional dancer and instructor who specializes in his home state’s official dance, the Carolina Shag.

He has won numerous shag titles over the years, as the MC has so diligently told us, and he’s got a ton of miles on his dancing shoes to prove it.

On his LinkedIn account, Jeremy expresses why Shag is his passion.

“Shag has always been a brightness in my life and I am bringing the Carolina Shag experience to everyone so they may see and feel the joy the shag dance and shag music brings me everyday.”

She can shag with the best of them, because she is one of the best.

Partnering in these award-winning routines, is dancer Kalin Ellis. Kalin and Jeremy won First Place at the US Non-Professional held yearly in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

She has competed in numerous competitions all while attending nursing school, where she recently graduated.


The Carolina Shag

In his book “Save The Last Dance For Me,” Shag historian Phil Sawyer describes the Carolina Shag as,

“A cold beer on a warm night with a hot date and no plans for tomorrow.”

According to Southern Living, the popular dance was born on the beaches of South Carolina in the 1940s.

“It should generally feel and look as if the partners are mirroring each other’s movements, completely in sync. The man leads with his left foot, the woman follows suit with her right foot, and so on. In the basic form, each partner is doing the same step, but with the opposite foot. Once you get more experienced, you’re able to have more fun with it and try faster, more complicated steps.”

As both Jeremy and Kalin show, they have a ton of experience as they fly through a series of highly involved steps.

The fancy footwork put on display here is extraordinary.

These two have happy feet which led a Youtuber to comment,

Columbia, South Carolina hosts the Shag Extravaganza each year, which is organized by the Capital City Shag Club.

At the annual Shag Extravaganza, where they won the National Champion title, Jeremy and Kalin slayed the dance floor.

The kind people at the club are supporters of the shag and enjoy learning about its lengthy history in their state.

They organized the event to introduce new dancing enthusiasts to the world.

Dancers from all over the world come together for the Shag Extravaganza, a weekend-long celebration of dancing, instruction, and all things shag.




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