When the soldier overhears a painful conversation between two lads, he quits ordering Taco Bell food.

Thousands of people dine at Taco Bell every day, making it the fourth most popular fast food business in the nation, according to QSR Magazine.

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Rizden, an Army Ranger, is one of the store’s customers.

One evening, while placing his dinner order, he noticed something about which he felt compelled to take action.

Two young boys, ages 9 and 13, were by themselves at the restaurant, attempting to sell some of their baked treats by going from table to table.

The boys were trying to raise some extra money for their local church when the Lt. Col. approached them


He looked at the boys and realized they looked cold and hungry.

He approached them and asked what they were up to and if they had eaten any dinner yet that day.

The boys explained what they were doing and that no, they hadn’t eaten yet.

When Rizden discovered he had no money to give the boys, he inquired if there was any other way he could still be of assistance.

Leading the two to the front of the restaurant, he gave them the go-ahead to order whatever off the menu and promised to pay the money.

The lads initially gave off the impression that they couldn’t believe it, but they soon understood and gave their commands.

The two had enormous smiles on their cheeks and appeared to be overjoyed to be treated to dinner.

While his older buddy spoke to Rizden, the younger child danced around smiling. After noticing what was happening, another diner at the restaurant decided to record the event on camera to demonstrate how

When asked why he had decided to help the boys, Rizden simply said that he had fallen back on the creed he had taken when he joined the Rangers.

“Never shall I fail my comrades.” Rizden knew that these 2 boys, these 2 Americans, needed a little help and that it was his duty to help them.

And the impact of his kind act didn’t just resonate with the boys he helped or the other patrons of that Taco Bell.

The video displaying Rizden’s kindness has been viewed over a million times and has received almost 40,000 likes.

“Now that’s a patriot!” comments @twix7745, “A REAL PATRIOT!”

“A hero to his country and a man of infinite kindness too.” writes @Dagrdottir, “A credit to his uniform and an inspiration to these kids and many others.”

While Lt. Col. Rizden is a soldier, he is first and foremost a father.

With 2 young children of his own, Rizden knew that it could be intimidating to try and approach people and ask them to buy something to raise money, but these boys were hustling.

He saw their drive and knew that these boys were the future of his country, and he wanted to do something nice for them.

And what he did will surely never leave these boys’ minds or hearts.

“I want to be just like you when I grow up.” said the younger of the pair as he saluted the soldier.

Though it may have been an act as simple as buying a few meals, everyone who was involved, or witnessed, the interaction felt true American pride that day.


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